Handmade DODOcases Merge The Fine Art of Bookbinding With Portable Tech

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There are hundreds of portable gadget accessories on the market these days. From solid wood or 24k gold plated to Swarovski encrusted and less flashy pieces, there is something out there to fit almost every personality. Taking inspiration from traditional bookbinding, a new company called DODOcase has begun to create covers for portable electronics using leathers, fabrics, screen printing and woodworking. All-in-all there are cases, laptop sleeves, wallets, folios and notebooks to choose from, each of them handmade in San Francisco by the DODOcase team. The company has also recently launched a Build-A-Dodo program allowing buyers to choose their own patterns and material before optionally adding a monogram.

In what they call a "happy marriage of tradition and technology," DODO cases attempt to apply the look and feel of a well-made book to a whole host of products including both generations of the iPhone 4 and 5, iPads, Macbook Airs, Kindles and HTC, Samsung, Motorola and Nexus phones. In fact the idea to form the company came from a "motivation to protect the fine art of bookbinding from extinction,” according to President and Co-Founder Craig Dalton. He goes on to cite the reason for the company's namesake, the Dodo bird, is for its status as the poster child for extinction.




The idea is really great if you think about it, taking what might sadly be becoming a dying art and re-working it to be applicable to this day in age. In the past books have been a beacon for progress and learning, not unlike our gadgets and gizmos today, with their covers protecting the often-cherished knowledge or entertainment inside. It seems only right to continue such a time-honored tradition in the same way.

Companies may be interested to hear that DODOcase will also lend their expertise to corporate branding, which makes sense for not only outfitting your business with custom tech, but also for gifting. The design team has already had a hand in creating unique items for Nike, LinkedIn, JP Morgan Chase & Co. and more; it's a great way maintain that old school professional look and at the same time be cutting edge.

DODOcase prices vary per item and style, with many hardcovers starting at $34.95 and moving on up to close to $150, depending on what you want or need.


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