Wireless Video Cameras for Your Home or Office: The Vue Personal Video Network

Electronics Review: Thinking about getting a home-monitoring camera? There are a lot of great reasons to have one or two in your home: keep an eye on your new puppy, check-in on the kids while you’re out to dinner, peace of mind while you’re on vacation, extra security for your office. Do a quick search online and you will find an array of options, most of them on the bulkier side, some wireless, most can be placed upright or mounted. Dome cameras have a sleeker look and bullet cameras are cylindrically shaped units on a swivel stand/mount. Very few offer an iPhone app. There just isn’t really any other camera system out there that is quite like the VUE Personal Video Network.

Simply put, the VUE Personal Video Network is simple to set-up, the cameras are tiny and you can view your feed right from your iPhone. Everything you need comes in one box. The three main elements you will find include two Vue Wireless Cameras that will fit in the palm of your hand as well as a larger Vue Gateway, a device that will pick up the signal of up to 50 cameras within 300 feet. Insert the batteries into your cameras, plug in the Vue Gateway and hook it up to your Internet router. When the gateway establishes a connection, hit the sync button. Voila! Now the only thing left to do is register your new toy – I mean investment - on the my.VueZone site, where you can view your feeds. iPhone users will also be happy to hear there’s an app for that, so you can always tap in no matter where you are.

Now that you are all set up, you’ll just need to decide where want to position these little guys. Four magnetic mounts come along with your new Personal Video Network, so you can place all four of them and freely move the two cameras from mount to mount. So whether you want to broadcast the party going on in your backyard, check-in on your infant sleeping in the next room, or make sure all is well with an independent senior, it’s simple to modify what your cameras are streaming from day to day. my.VueZone also makes it easy to record and share your movies, so if you catch your pet doing something amazing, just log on to show the world.

The Gist: This camera system is simple and gets the job done. It's a snap to set up even for those with basic tech knowledge and the design is discreet enough to blend right in.

And the Award goes to: The Vue Home Video Network has already received several accolades and awards, including Popular Science's Best of What's New Awards in 2009 and the 2009 Caregiver Friendly® Award’ from Today’s Caregiver Magazine.

It's a perfect gift idea for the techy in your life as well as a great Father's Day present.

Tech Specs

Vue Cameras
Resolution: VGA (640x480)
Video Format: FLV
Snapshot Format: JPG
Field View: 60 degrees
Focus Range: Fixed focus (60 cm to infinity)
Focal Length: f=4.33, f/2.85
Weight: 28 g (.98oz)
Vue Gateway & FrameMesh™
Interface ports: Ethernet, USB (WiFi)
WiFi support: yes, optional accessory required
Number of cameras supported: Up to 50
Network data rate: 2MB/Sec
Dimensions (HxWxD) – 5.0 x 2.9 x 4.4 in
Weight: 206 g (7.3 oz)
See the complete list of Vue Video Network Specifications

The Vue retails for $299, additional cameras are $99 each, currently they are offering free shipping and 30-day money-back guarantee.

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