Interior Designer D'Aquino Monaco on Current Global Luxury Market Trends

Carl D’Aquino of D’Aquino Monaco, an award-winning architecture and interior design firm based in New York City, says that “luxury market preferences are interesting right now. I am seeing completely contemporary work that is extremely transitional at the same time. Our clients want modern, clean, bold, glamorous interiors. Our current projects take us to London and the Caribbean, and we find our clients are requesting similar styles though we execute them uniquely.”

D’Aquino describes the firm’s role as a fine concierge for its clients, which includes the Ritz-Carlton’s Secret Harbor development in Grand Cayman. The team examines how people live and work, and understands how to translate their projects into works of art for the individuals and companies they serve.

D’Aquino, though having trained as an architect, gravitates toward interiors. His partner, Francine Monaco, is an architect. Their innate understanding and respect for the collaboration of the two fields is exacting, yet playful and colorful.

“We’re not a cookie-cutter firm, and we don’t repeat our designs. Our corporate and residential clients are very special. They don’t want what their best friend has, and we are able to provide a rich synergy of architectural and interior services to accommodate their taste,” says D’Aquino.

"We’re very lucky with wonderful clients and a strong business.” A converted loft project designed for a major antique dealer in the States was featured in Architectural Digest’s April issue this year, and displays a fine collection of 18th- to 20th- century furniture. “Each piece of furniture was carefully curated to produce an incomparable result.”

Another project at 15 Central Park West was designed for a client that didn’t want a neutral palette and preferred 1940s Italian and 1950s French design. “The client wanted our joyful best and encouraged artistic collaborations with various artisans,” adds D’Aquino.

D’Aquino loves New York City’s architecture and can often be found reveling in the details of his favorite buildings during the middle of the summer when most city dwellers escape to the Hamptons and cooler climates; although he is currently renovating an 18th- century brick colonial house and horse farm for himself in Orange County, New York.

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