Sleep in Brad Pitt's Exclusive Bed

Whether it be because of his newest movie role, charity efforts, or chiseled jaw line, Brad Pitt is often on our minds. However, being thought of constantly isn't enough for the actor anymore, now he's designing luxury furniture to make his mark all over our homes. According to Architectural Digest, Pitt has teamed up with Pollaro Furniture to release his very first self-designed furniture collection.

Pitt has apparently been thinking about this move for a while and even began putting his ideas onto paper way back in the early 1990s. Those ideas have now translated into around 12 pieces, the collection to be displayed in New York from November 13 through November 15, along with many works by Frank Pollaro. Pitt's well-rounded designs include tables, chairs, and a pretty impressive bed, which began the entire process. With an Art Deco flair, the bed has a tropical-hardwood frame, which extends down to the floor, under the mattress, and swoops up to create an elegant footboard platform.

Only nine beds will be crafted so you'll have to call in some favors if you want to get a hold of one, but it'll be worth it just to say you sleep in Brad Pitt's bed every night.

Mila Pantovich

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