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Dating back through history, evidence of the luxury of hygiene can be found throughout the story of humankind. No doubt, being clean is a fine feeling, but we at JustLuxe look to find the ways that extravagance and technology combine in modern developments to bring you to newer heights. Today, sustainability is a vocabulary word in many of our modern efforts as we look to reduce waste, but remain posh. TOTO’s latest technology achieves exactly that in their latest bathroom products as on display at CES 2020.

 Washlet, TOTO, Bidet, ZERO GRAVITY, Tub, Bathtub

If you have a budget of more than $20,000 to work with, TOTO’s Flotation Tub with ZERO DIMENSION will really take the cake. The hefty price is backed with one of the cooler innovations in a bathroom piece yet: a series of water jets with the proper angles to make you feel zero-gravity weightless. Floating above the jets is designed to be an ultimate relaxation experience, with cascading warming shoulder jets to complete the unique feel. Using proprietary Galalato, the tub’s solid surface resists stain, heat and maintenance. Also proprietary are the Hydrohands massaging water jets themselves, completing the ensemble with the array of LED mood lights. The TOTO Tub on display at CES 2020 was impressive, packing all of the aforementioned features into a sleek design. TOTO plays well into the “fancy” label, all while keeping it chic.

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If you’re in the mood to take it to the next level, we recommend TOTO’s Neorest toilet line. Replacing your toilet with an advanced TOTO model will net you the above features of the Washlet, plus a few extras. TOTO’s innovative CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze creates an unusually smooth surface, minimizing the potential for buildup of waste material and simplifying sanitization. The specialized 3-D Tornado Flush uses a circular jet system to thoroughly and powerfully flush the bowl every time. Perhaps the coolest feature of the Neorest toilet is the ACTILIGHT UV light cleaner, which removes all waste with UV light and a photocatalytic coating.

Washlet, TOTO, Bidet

If you’re looking for a minimal yet fancy upgrade to your bathroom, the TOTO Washlet line is perfect. It’s a tech-loaded replacement for your toilet seat with a built-in retractable washing spray, heated seat, air dryer, automated toilet lid and seat, motion detector, and more. As cleanliness goes, the Washlet eliminates the necessity to touch a toilet lid ever again, as its motion detector will trigger the automated lid once a nearing user is detected. The seat itself is also automated from a button on top of the included remote control, which is extra handy for those who prefer to stand during their restroom rendezvous. And though we have a few other features to discuss, we need a moment to honor the heated seat, which makes it hard to want to stand up after. The remote can change the amount of radiating heat and remember settings for two people.

The extendable wand in the Washlet features multiple settings with varying pressure, width of spray, and oscillation for the user, as well as rear and front cleansing. The wand cleans itself before and after each use. This product features a unique Ewater+ system, spraying the toilet bowl with electrolyzed water from the water intake to keep the bowl clean without the need for cleaning materials. The Washlet also sprays the bowl before use, providing an easier and more thorough flush for proper waste disposal.

My personal favorite feature of TOTO’s Washlet is the warm air dryer and deodorizer. Besides going the extra step to help eliminate the need for bathroom paper products, the comfort and leisure of these two features sincerely complete the persona of the luxury lavatory.

Do yourself a favor and make a pit stop at TOTO’s site.

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