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Studioforma Design

In 2002 Swiss-Italian architect Alex Leuzinger and his business partner launched Studioforma Design, an architectural studio with headquarters in the heart of Zurich. They enjoyed several years of fruitful collaboration before Leuzinger bought his business partner’s share and became the company’s sole proprietor. Since then, under his leadership, the company has gone from strength to strength, with a multi-talented team involved in various projects across different sectors.  


Alex Leuzinger Studioforma Design

Studioforma Design prides itself on the diversity of its exceptional architectural projects, from new buildings to building renovation, preservation, and facade reconstruction. They are passionate about beautifully designed interiors, producing appealing customized designs for their clients. And in the Studioforma DesignLab, the company’s creative minds produce imaginative products with a combination of technological innovation and traditional craftsmanship. This includes lighting, furniture, and various décor objects.  


Studioforma Design

Since its inception, Studioforma Design has been responsible for shaping the designs of numerous luxury homes, retail brands and other projects with their customized solutions worldwide. Today, the company has an enviable portfolio of projects. For each project, the process begins with consultation and feasibility studies, identifying and assessing potential risks and suggesting relevant solutions.  


The professional team embraces a holistic approach, implementing their client’s vision with expert creativity and creating tailor-made spaces and designs focused on the client’s personal goals. Their multi-faceted background in product and graphic design, as well as fashion, enables them to deliver an outstanding and wide-ranging level of services. These experts work closely with every client throughout the design and implementation process, ensuring every project is completed punctually and cost-effectively. 


The company has been instrumental in design and architecture for many prestigious luxury brands in the watch, jewelry and fashion industries. This year they have been particularly recognized for their work on the interior design at Giada Ilardo Luxury Piercing Boutique in Switzerland. This interior design is Leuzinger’s brainchild and is intended to reflect the class and warm-heartedness of founder Giada Ilardo and her team while enhancing the showcased products.  


As one of the first piercing jewelry producers and studios positioned in the luxury market, the premises’ interior needs to match the salon’s prime location on a world-famous shopping street. It resembles a canvas covered in a landscape of mottled sand with a pink sky and free-floating mannequin heads and is set over three floors, each area fulfilling a different function. Clients are welcomed on the first floor, where the company’s luxury pieces are displayed in cases on raw travertine. This is where consultations take place between the company’s experts and their clients.  


The second floor provides an intimate, tranquil area with tastefully furnished private rooms for more discreet body piercing. The company’s luxury pieces of jewelry are developed in-house in the basement. The development of this stylish, multi-functional space illustrates the commitment of Alex Leuzinger and his team of experienced architects, interior architects, planners, and designers to deliver intelligent, customized solutions every time.  


Alex Leuzinger Studioforma Design

With this dedication and passion for architecture, beautifully designed interiors and innovative product design, it is no surprise that the panel of expert judges at Luxury Lifestyle Awards have selected Studioforma Design as triple-award-winners in the categories of Best Luxury Architect Studio in Switzerland 2022, Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Switzerland 2022 and Best Luxury Beauty Salon Design 2022 for Luxury Piercing Boutique Giada Ilardo in Switzerland. A highly merited trio of awards that illustrates the considerable impact Studioforma Design is having across different disciplines and sectors in Switzerland. It is the second year in a row that the company has been acknowledged with such an award.  

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