The Swiss Touch in Softicated's Designs

Softicated, the proud recipient of the 2024 Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Furniture and Homeware in Switzerland, is evidence of the art of crafting interiors with care, creativity, and a steadfast commitment to top quality. Founded by the innovation Cyril Rumpler, Softicated boasts premium furniture, lighting, and rugs designed to elevate the very essence of home.

In Interiors We Care

The tagline "In interiors we care" encapsulates the ethos of Softicated. Beyond being a creator of premium furniture, lighting, and rugs, the brand embodies a philosophy that places meticulous attention on the emotional resonance of each piece. Cyril Rumpler, inspired by dreams and driven by a passion to bring joy, transitioned from a successful career in pharmaceutical packaging to curate pieces that go beyond mere functionality – they evoke emotions and tell stories.

A Home Beyond Walls

"A home is not just a title deed but a concentration of intimacy and personality!" – Cyril Rumpler's profound words resonate at the core of Softicated. The brand envisions homes that transcend the physical confines of walls, emphasizing the importance of comfort and personality in every space. Softicated's unique approach lies in the paradoxical blend of modernity and the gentle embrace of nature, crafting spaces that are not just residences but reflections of individuality. This commitment to creating a

living space that goes beyond mere functionality is encapsulated in the brand's name itself – a fusion of "Sophistication" and "Softness."

Swiss Design at Its Finest

A distinguishing feature of Softicated lies in the brand's commitment to Swiss design. Every Softicated furniture and lighting piece is meticulously designed in Switzerland and expertly manufactured in Europe by local artisans. This commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures that each piece is not just an object but a work of art, a manifestation of the brand's dedication to excellence and aesthetic refinement.

Mission and Contribution

Softicated's mission is about creating a premium "art de vivre" for interiors. The brand's furniture, lamps, and rugs are expressions of comfort and timeless elegance. Softicated contributes significantly to the well-being and comfort of interiors, both in classic and modern spaces. The brand's pieces embrace emotion, authenticity, and modernity, creating an atmosphere where every customer feels truly at home. Whether for individuals, architects, interior designers, or decorators, Softicated brings inspiration and artistic creation to enhance private and professional interiors.

Values That Shape Merit


Creativity is at the heart of Softicated's design philosophy. The brand lets its imagination run wild to create original, useful, innovative, comfortable, and durable objects. This creativity extends beyond aesthetics; it permeates every aspect of

manufacturing, materials used, shapes, colors, packaging, and distribution of Softicated's furniture and lighting. The result is not just a piece of furniture but a statement of individuality and creativity.

To Take Care

Softicated takes care – of its employees, its customers, and the environment. This commitment goes beyond short-term goals, focusing on the long-term well-being of everyone associated with the brand. From designing products that create comforting atmospheres to promoting the overall well-being of employees and customers, Softicated embodies a holistic approach to care.


Quality at Softicated is a commitment to exceeding customer expectations. Customers are at the forefront of the brand's priorities, and Softicated works tirelessly to ensure that its products and services consistently meet the highest standards of quality. The brand's dedication to providing a premium experience is evident in every piece it produces.


Integrity is the cornerstone of Softicated's operations. The brand acts with honesty, loyalty, transparency, and respect – internally and with customers and partners. When faced with challenges, Softicated consults, studies, and collaborates to find the best solutions, ensuring that the trust placed in the brand is always well-founded.

Remarkable Collections

Explore the world of Softicated through its remarkable collections:

· Ebb & Flow
· Gustav
· Hey Hello
· Planets
· Saddlebags
· Soft Re-Creation
· Tinged Leaves
· Weightlessness
· Signet Ring

Each collection tells a unique story, bringing together style and functionality in a harmonious blend. Discover the diverse range of Softicated collections here.

Vision for the Future

Softicated aspires to be the brand of choice for individuals seeking luxury living and the preferred partner for architects, interior designers, and decorators. The vision is to play a pivotal role in the success of interior design projects, setting a new standard for what it means to live amidst sophistication and comfort.

In conclusion, Softicated is a curator of experiences. Through meticulous craftsmanship, a commitment to creativity, and a devotion to its customers’

satisfaction, Softicated has rightfully claimed its place as a leader in the world of luxury living.

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