Luxury Cinemas Are Making Going to The Movies A Whole Lot More Fun

While seeing a movie in the theater can be an exciting occasion, many people have become fed up with all the nuisances that come with it. How many times have you been absorbed in the plot, only to have a cell phone go off and pull you right out? Or have to endure the person behind you using your already uncomfortable seat as a footrest and the one next to you encroaching on your personal space with their annoyingly pointy elbow? Sure, some people endure it, but others have boycotted theaters altogether, preferring instead to watch them at home (thanks OnDemand!). Recognizing the demand for a more luxurious experience, countless theaters are popping up all over the world that promise a five-star experience, complete with reserved seats, gourmet cuisine, craft cocktails, a comfortable home theater-like atmosphere, and 21-and-up age limits — sorry kids, but you asked for it.

Nowadays, theaters need to offer a little more to stand out and bring in customers, especially with theater prices what they are ($4 for a small soda!? I'll be sneaking snacks inside my tote bag, thanks), which could be one reason why more and more luxury (or dine-in) theaters are popping up. Looking to reinvent the concept of the traditional dinner-and-movie night, many establishments opened restaurants under the same roof (Los Angeles' ArcLight is a perfect example) and some are offering full-course meals and wait service during the movie.

Mila Pantovich

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