TrackingPoint Launches World's First "Smart Rifle"

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Austin-based TrackingPoint believes that it has created the most accurate long-range shooting system in the world. The company’s Precision-Guided Firearm (PGF) system, which puts fighter-jet style "lock and launch" target-tracking into a rifle, is a new technology based on patent-pending innovations in optics and fire control that enables even a novice to instantly shoot like an elite long-range marksman. It works effectively with both static and moving targets out to 1,200 yards. 

"Precision Guided Firearms completely changes the way we hunt, compete and defend," said Jason Schauble, CEO of TrackingPoint. "Imagine taking out a coyote on the move at 1,200 yards. With TrackingPoint, this is now possible for anyone."


The PGF system allows extended-range, fair-chase hunting capability for safari, western and Texas hunting, as well as wildlife management and predator control. Using PGF, hunters can get out of the blind and away from the feeder to create a truly active and dynamic hunting experience. The PGF will completely change the game for traditional long-range shooting competitions, according to Schauble. He also indicated that due to the technology’s incredible long-range accuracy, the company plans to develop a whole new set of competitions and championships to challenge the PGF-enabled shooter.

There are wide implications for the military usage as well, enabling soldiers to increase their range and become as accurate as the best military marksmen. It will also reduce training time, enable mastery persistence with minimal follow-up training, collapse target engagement times from minutes to seconds, and significantly increase success rates.

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"We expect the TrackingPoint PGF innovation to change doctrine and tactics; and it has the potential to act as a deterrent to war," said Mr. Schauble.

All TrackingPoint PGFs are fully integrated matched systems (starting at $22,500) that include a networked tracking scope, rifle, advanced precision loaded ammunition, and a companion iPad mini. Similar to a smartphone, PGFs are functionally extensible through software applications and upgrades with new PGF capabilities, which can be purchased on the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store.

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