This Smokeless Fire Pit Will Elevate Your Glamping Game


With camping season in full fall swing now here in New England, it’s time to elevate your glamping game to a new level. Thanks to the folks at BioLite, you can do just that quickly, easily and efficiently.

BioLite is the maker of a new-to-market energy-efficient portable FirePit that produces a big fire with very little smoke that will burn evenly and continuously with the use of a Bluetooth-enabled controller. You can burn both wood and charcoal in this portable fire pit that doubles as a grill.


When it comes to a fall or winter warmup, whether you are camping or just gathering around your backyard fire, you want a model that heats up quickly and easily. If you love the design of a fire pit without having to tend to it constantly thanks to the ease of Bluetooth fan technology that produces hyper-efficient flames, the BioLite FirePit certainly delivers.

We all love the cozy smell of a wood campfire, but don’t want to the smoky scent to linger on our clothes. The BioLite FirePit creates a smokeless flame that will continue to burn clean and evenly with the added airflow.


To get started, we used a fire starter and wood log to create a small flame and help the fire catch. Once the flame has caught on, you can control the speed of air being added to the flame right at the convenient use of your fingertips. This built-in technology will provide the much-needed oxygen to the flames to keep the firewood burning evenly and consistently. There are 51 airjets that are designed to feed the flame with oxygen to create a uniform temperature. When it is burning, everyone has a front row seat to the smokeless fire with the FirePit’s X-Ray mesh body.

You can also manually control the flame by pushing the buttons up and down on the side of the Powerpack, which will burn on low up to 30 hours on a single charge (14 hours on medium or seven hours on high). To recharge, you just have to simply remove from the FirePit and charge it via USB.


If you want to cook on the FirePit, the sturdy unit can easily convert into a grill. Just lift the fuel rack and add some charcoal to transform it into a portable hibachi-style grill using the included grill grate. The grate slides easily on top of the pit so it is simple to remove and clean.

One of the things we love most about this unit is the ability to speed up the burning with the touch of a button so the fan can extinguish the fire quickly (and quietly) without having to wait for it to slowly burn out on its own.


The 20-pound FirePit is lightweight, folds up easily, and can be taken with you on the go for a quick grill at the park, bonfire camping or backyard fire to enjoy s’mores.

For more information, check out BioLite.

Kellie Speed

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