An Ultimate Guide to the Most Luxurious Bags of Summer

Aug 8, 2020  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

Trends come and go, but there’s something remarkable and almost infectious about finding the new “it bag” that you know will stand the test of time.

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The Ideal Rebecca Minkoff Accessory for Your #ChandonSquad Celebrations

Oct 10, 2017  |   Contributor: Vicki Arkoff

As a dedicated fan of sparkling wines from Napa Valley, California, this time of year I’m always giddy with anticipation for the annual unveiling of Chandon’s Winter Collection bottles designed by my handbag idol, Rebecca Minkoff.

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A Family Affair: Korchmar Celebrates 100 Years of Quality Creation

Jul 27, 2017  |   Contributor: Kat Ward

The phrase "heritage brand" gets thrown around a lot by brands these days, but how much truth is there to those stories? In the case of Korchmar, the proof is woven into every fiber of the brand's luxury leather goods.

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The Exotic Leather Handbag that Continues to Push Eco-Friendly Fashion

May 3, 2017  |   Contributor: Kat Ward

In ancient Rome, leather was a currency traded to created high-quality sandals, which conveyed a citizen’s status in society. While leather can no longer be used as cash, it still maintains its reputation as a luxurious product. Alligators, stingrays, snakes, and even hippopotamus skins have all been utilized in luxury exotic leather goods, but now salmon skin is make its debut.

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Designer Vault Moves Into Carlsbad With 1,500 Pieces of Vintage Chanel

Jul 26, 2016  |   Contributor: Nicolle Monico

If purchasing vintage Chanel is how you like to spend your Saturday afternoons, you may want to check out the Designer Vault in Carlsbad that opened this past spring. The upscale consignment shop boasts the largest collection of rare and vintage Chanel in the United States. Open Monday through Friday by appointment, the 300-square-foot store sells hard to find, like new and mint condition Chanel accessories, shoes, jewelry and bags.

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Chanel Bags Are a Better Investment Than Real Estate

Jun 17, 2016  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

When Baghunter released a study earlier this year stating that Hermès Birkin bags were a better investment than stock or gold we were ecstatic. Not that we needed an excuse to go out and buy a new bag, but that was a great one.

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Coach Joins the Mickey Mouse Club

Jun 10, 2016  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

If you’re a fan of Disney (and let’s be honest, who isn’t) then you’ll want to get your hands on their new collaboration with Coach ASAP. On June 17, the two brands will be officially launching Disney x Coach, a limited edition collection that features Walt’s iconic mouse on everything from handbags to ready-to-wear.

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Perry Ellis' Daughter Breaks Away From Family Name

May 21, 2016  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

It’s easy to assume that progenies of our favorite stars or celebrities are automatically destined for success; that with minimal effort and a family name, these children can easily work their way into positions that most would have to strive and struggle to obtain. This isn’t the case with every famous family.

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Fiona Kotur Designs Smartbags for the Elite

Apr 18, 2016  |   Contributor: Elizabeth Nicholas

Despite being a born and bred New Yorker with a serious fashion pedigree, it wasn’t until luxe handbag and shoe designer Fiona Kotur met a 90-year-old craftsman working in a mill in Hong Kong that she was inspired to launch her own collectio

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Create Your Own Line of Customizable Fortedemarmi Pieces

Mar 14, 2016  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

There’s a clear difference between bespoke jewelry and customizable pieces. One brings to mind a resplendent piece crafted and molded specifically for you, the other reminds us of, well, charm bracelets. But when Alena Kupriyanova Lotti thinks of personalized jewelry, she combines the two, imagining interchangeable exotic leathers and gemstones designed with 18-karat gold.

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Smythson Celebrates Theater with Vanessa Kirby & James Norton

Mar 10, 2016  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Smythson tapped English actors Vanessa Kirby and James Norton as the brand ambassadors of their Spring 2016 Behind the Craft campaign. In an effort to pay homage to those who spend their lives perfecting their art, the brand focuses on the professional work of the two young talents. Smythson has a history of supporting the London theater, which they feel closely resembles their own traditions and culture.

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Report: Hermès Birkin Bags Are Better Investment Than Stock or Gold

Jan 14, 2016  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

We never thought our obsession with bags would amount to anything much (except for a killer closet)—until Baghunter published a study concluding that Birkin bags were a better investment than gold or the stock market. Researchers showed that in the Birkin’s 35 year history, the value of the bag has increased by more than 500 percent, with an annual increase of 14.2 percent.

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Clara Kasavina Creates Met Opera Couture From Century-Old Costumes and Chandeliers

Dec 28, 2015  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

Fashion is rarely its own muse. Most designers pull inspiration from their surroundings, incorporating something into their collections that reflect their passions, interests or personal history. Often their work becomes abstract reinterpretations of these ideas, a caricature that offers a fleeting glimpse of the original inspiration.

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"Handbags are my true love" - Nicky Hilton

Nov 13, 2015  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

Some women love shoes, others vintage jewelry and some have a passion for designer bags—Nicky Hilton is most definitely the latter. At least that how she explains it. This season the hotel heiress and designer Linea Pelle teamed up for a capsule collection of seasonally-appropriate satchels, clutches and totes.

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Would You Buy a $2,500 Olympia Le-Tan Hello Kitty Lunchbox?

Oct 15, 2015  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

We totally would, but we understand that not everyone is a fan of the little Japanese feline. However, British designer Olympia Le-Tan knows her audience. Over the years, her ultra-feminine collections have been inspired by everything from kimonos to school uniforms, so it seems only appropriate that her latest collection would feature Hello Kitty.

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