Report: Hermès Birkin Bags Are Better Investment Than Stock or Gold

Birkin bags investment

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We never thought our obsession with bags would amount to anything much (except for a killer closet)—until Baghunter published a study concluding that Birkin bags were a better investment than gold or the stock market. Researchers showed that in the Birkin’s 35 year history, the value of the bag has increased by more than 500 percent, with an annual increase of 14.2 percent. That’s a better rate of return than the S&P 500, which averaged at 11.66 percent, or gold, which averaged at just 1.6 percent each year.

The Hermès accessory has managed to maintain its value throughout recessions and economic downturns due in no small part its exclusivity. While it is, of course, insanely expensive, not just any Joe Millionaire can walk into Hermès and purchase one right off the shelves. The waiting list can be years long, and you have to be close with someone in-the-know just to get on that list. The luxury resale market for Birkins is at all all-time high, proving that just because you can afford a Birkin doesn’t mean you can easily get your hands on one.

It’s also just as popular as it’s always been, and it’s not going out of style anytime soon. Case in point: just last year a Birkin was sold for a record-breaking price of $222,000. Unlike gold or the stock market that can rise or fall over the course of the year, Birkin bags have never depreciated in value. Baghunter estimates that in the next 10 years the bag will double in value. If you’re a Birkin owner, pat yourself on the back for your financial (and fashion!) savvy. If not then head to a Hermès boutique, or trusted reseller, to invest in your closet, and portfolio, ASAP.

Birkin bags investment
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