Time to Grab Rachel Zoe's Favorite Things for Spring 2021 with CURATEUR

Feb 26, 2021  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Rachel Zoe's membership service CURATEUR recently unveiled its Spring 2021 box of goodies and trust us, you're going to want to get in on the action. Full of fashion, beauty, and everyday must-haves, the box (which is valued at more than $800) is basically the perfect gift (especially if it's a gift to yourself!). 

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Celebrity Beauty Expert & Entrepreneur Launches New Skincare Brand

Jul 14, 2017  |   Contributor: Jenna Smith

Entrepreneur, beauty expert, and mother Christina Crawford launches Bubble Pop Beauty brand, an all American-made line of haircare and skincare products that are free from harsh chemicals present in many of today’s beauty products.

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EMILY VS BEAR Raises Awareness of Human Rights Abuses in the Fashion Industry

Jul 7, 2017  |   Contributor: Jenna Smith

Created by millennial fashion designer and activist Emily Bell, EVB donates 20 percent of its proceeds from every purchase towards a charity of the consumer’s choice. 

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Drybar La Jolla Adds a Little Oomph to San Diego's Beauty Scene

Jun 30, 2017  |   Contributor: Kat Ward

Cheerful might not always be how you'd describe a great salon, but it's exactly what suits the atmosphere at Drybar. 

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Louboutin Delivers Lush Lashes and Luxe Design

May 18, 2017  |   Contributor: Lindy Contorelli

Christian Louboutin is known for those dramatic red soles on his haute heels that women covet worldwide for their leg lengthening magic and classic sex appeal. 

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Bond No. 9 'Nolita' Captures the Energy of NYC in a Gorgeous Bottle

May 16, 2017  |   Contributor: Lindy Contorelli

Anyone familiar with Bond No. 9 perfume and cologne, knows just how inspiring a scent can be to your mood. Bond No. 9 perfectly captures the energy of a city in a gorgeously designed bottle. 

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Reverse Anti-Aging Light Therapy Device & Reverse Collagen Serum

May 11, 2017  |   Contributor: JoyUs

The Reverse Anti-Aging Light Therapy device is a battery-operated, handheld LED anti-aging device that emits medical-grade light intensity to stimulate collagen and elastin production in your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Exclusive Interview with Beauty Influencer Teni Panosian

Apr 10, 2017  |   Contributor: Kimberly Fisher Boone

The beautiful, down-to-earth Teni Pansosian was in New York recently helping Frederic Fekkai Salon launched their brand new #TGIFekkai program. She underwent a a spring transformation, adding bangs by Frederic Fekkai Co-Creative director Elie Camoro

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Ranch & Coast Plastic Surgery Benefits From Medical Tourism

Nov 29, 2016  |   Contributor: Katherine Bond

A new kind of tourism is growing by double digits across the globe, making its way to Malaysia, Mexico, Turkey and Brazil among others. It isn’t making cruise ships, museums or restaurants any busier, but surgeons are booked more than ever. “Medical tourism,”  which is currently growing an estimated 15 percent or more a year, is sweeping the globe as aging affluent populations pair rest and relaxation time with nip and tuck procedures. 

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The Most Dangerous Beauty Trends in History

Jun 20, 2016  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

Beauty is pain. Or at least that’s the age old adage we tell ourselves when we’re in the middle of a bikini wax. But most of us are willing to suffer a bit in an effort to see results.

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Need a Nip or Tuck? These are the Top Plastic Surgery Trends for Millennials

Jun 13, 2016  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

Millennials are self-expressive, confident, open to change and are estimated to become the most educated generation in American history. But these attributes don’t just apply to their access to Google search and their willingness to roll with the latest Instagram update.

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Practice Wellness This June at Four Seasons in Santa Barbara

Jun 10, 2016  |   Contributor: Vicki Arkoff

The sophisticated coastal town of Santa Barbara has long been a picture-perfect outpost for the health-conscious California lifestyle, and the Four Seasons Resort Biltmore has always set the local standard. The historic resort will host a special four-day, three-night wellness retreat from June 26-29, focusing on health, fitness and well-being.

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Innovative Makeup Brushes Might Change the Way We Think About Skincare

Jun 8, 2016  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

With the rise of beauty stars and social media makeup gurus, the retail market has grown exponentially, promoting the development of new products, formulas and application systems.

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Trade in Your Modern Skincare for Century Old Moroccan Oils

Apr 8, 2016  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

When it comes to skincare, we love the idea of natural ingredients and formulas, but oftentimes we’re willing to forgo healthier options in our search for youthful skin. We’ve definitely been guilty of stocking our bathroom shelves with questionable products, but with the growing number of natural and organic skincare lines available, it almost seems ridiculous that we should use anything else.

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Lorean Cairns Says Cutting Is Finally Having Its Moment

Feb 5, 2016  |   Contributor: Marissa Stempien

Now that we’re a month into 2016, we’ve all (hopefully!) dropped a few pounds and are feeling like a new person. To take our “New Year, New You” transformation to the next level, we spoke with Lorean Cairns, co-founder and creative director of Fox & Jane salons.

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