What's New on Board Windstar Luxury Cruise Ships

Summer’s not over just yet and Windstar Cruises is supplying a great option for a relaxing vacation before fall begins. This luxury cruise line has become even more lavish due to Windstar Cruises’ $18 million renovation to their three sailing yachts. This redesign brings a modern, casual elegance to the brand’s cruise experience. 

Wind Star, one of the yachts, was the first to receive restoration and has recently been completed. This ship accommodates 148 passengers and has been revamped to increase each passenger’s enjoyment on board. Wind Star’s interior was given a new look with the latest décor from furnishings to carpeting. The yacht’s color scheme is made to look and feel like stylish luxury at sea, incorporating sand and marine colors against warm wood finishes. 

As another part of the transformation, Wind Star’s restaurant was turned into a completely new dining experience with a fresh menu and redesigned seating layout. The pool bar was also entirely redone to offer a more engaging and upscale social experience.

Other public areas that were renovated include the lounge, casino, reception area, library and Wind Spa. Hans Birkholz, Chief Executive Officer and President of Windstar Cruises, said that the feedback on the company’s renovation to Wind Star has been very positive so far. 

The rooms and suites of Wind Star have also been enhanced with new leather headboards, linen wall coverings, luxurious bed throws, as well as replacing the artwork. Windstar Cruises’ trademark towering, white sails have also been restored. For all three Windstar Cruise yachts, 69,000 square feet of hand-crafted sails were ordered. “The vision for the renovation is a classic, stylish luxury that dramatizes the unique thrill of sailing and a private yacht experience,” explains Birkholz.

With Wind Star completed, the company is looking forward to the upcoming refurbishments of their other two ships. Wind Surf is expected to be finished by December 1, 2012 and Wind Spirit by December 22, 2012. For more information on Windstar Cruises and their yachts, go to

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