Buy a Condo on Luxury Ocean-liner Utopia, Travel the World

Luxury Cruise Ship Condos: Maybe you can’t walk on water, but you can certainly live on it. Imagine seeing a whole new place each and every time you look out through your windows. Back in 2006 we told you about The World, the first cruise ship with condos for available for purchase. Now, Utopia is set to launch, and you can pick out your condo at either of their showrooms in New York or Beverly Hills. Aboard Utopia, you are always en route to a new and exciting destination, yet never having to leave your stylish home – and stylish it certainly is. Check out the image gallery for a glimpse at just how chic this vessel will be. That’s the life of the affluent residences of Utopia, set to sail by 2013. There will be just 190 condominiums onboard.

Residences of Utopia will live in one- to four-bedroom units ranging from 1,400 to 6,600 square feet of living space. Along with enjoying the many amenities available on the ship, the floating citizens of Utopia will be members of a private club with its own restaurant, lounge, and gym. The 15-deck ocean liner also will have movie theaters, tennis courts, a mini golf course, and more—a lot more.

Utopia’s sailing charters will follow the flow of jetsetters, docking in southern France during the Cannes Film Festival and near Rio de Janeiro for the Carnival celebration. According to, the price to own a place on Utopia ranges from $3.7 to $26 million.

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