Daring Dives: Hotel Swimming Pools That Will Make Your Heart Race

Nothing quite says “summer” like going for a nice relaxing swim. But with these hotel pools, don't be too quick to jump in. From gravity-defying swim spots set atop skyscrapers to illusive infinity pools, prepare your inner daredevil for a dive. Making a splash for their unique take on the classic swimming pool, our picks for some of the world's most insane hotel watering holes are sure to keep you on your toes.

Alexa Mangrum

Alexa Mangrum culminates her love of culture with her passion for writing as a Justluxe Editorial Team Member. An authority on the arts and design world, Mangrum frequently freelances for various publications globally. An arts and entertainment enthusiast in her local community of San Diego, Mangrum is a visual artist as well. Recently awarded as an Emerging Creative of 2013 by Google Inc. and con...(Read More)

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