Barrel-Aged Cocktails at BLT Steak Revisits an Earlier Age of Imbibing

Feb 8, 2013  |   Contributor: Sara Cardoza

While BLT Steak, a restaurant lending its traits to the traditions of the American steakhouse, has locations throughout the United States and in China, Washington D.C. is the only city with a claim on a BLT mixology team. The restaurant has recently introduced a new Barrel-Aged Cocktail Program, which has been inspired by the team’s love... Read More

Ice in Your Single Malt Scotch … Very Cool

Jul 27, 2010  |   Contributor: Ray Pearson

Food & Spirits: What do the phrases peanut butter and jelly, Oreos and milk and corn flakes and bananas have to do with ice in Scotch? Well, nothing, actually, except that there’s another iconic phrase ingrained in our language: Scotch on the rocks. Everyone get their soapbox out, and let’s talk about ice in Scotch.... Read More

Q&A with Cocktail Expert Charlotte Voisey: Mistress of Mixology

Jun 2, 2010  |   Contributor: Ray Pearson

Food & Spirits: Leading up to the Tales of the Cocktail, July 21 - 25 in New Read More

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