Christmas Joy at the Ritz Carlton Boston

Jun 19, 2012  |   Contributor: Lynn

Holidays are always a special time of the year for family and friends. Every year the Ritz Carlton prepares seasonal holiday menus that will fancy your taste buds while surrounded in a magnificent setting. ... Read More

8 Most Lavish Celebrations in Sports

Jul 13, 2011  |   Contributor: The Daily Meal

We see athletes play hard on the field and on the ice, but these sports stars and their team owners know how to party hard, too. Case in point: When the Lakers won the 2009 NBA Championship, there was no stopping them from putting on a two-million-dollar parade, even amidst a city budget crisis. The festivities started at the Staples Center and ended at the Coliseum, which had been rented at great cost, for a celebratory rally with 95,000 Lakers fans. Was it worth the cost?... Read More

Cinco de Mayo Celebrations: The Best Fiestas Across the U.S.

May 2, 2011  |   Contributor: Carly Zinderman

Cinco de Mayo marks the achievement of Puebla, Mexico, when 4,000 brave Mexican soldiers triumphed over twice as many French fighters on May 5, 1862. Since then, Cinco de Mayo has been celebrated around the U.S. and Mexico accompanied by plenty of cerveza, tequila, dancing, parades and food.... Read More

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