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November 2022

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WonderWorks Destiny Offering Discounted Tickets for Holiday Fun on Family Fun Day

Nov 30, 2022  |   Contributor: Cher Murphy

Striving to make the holiday season even more memorable, WonderWorks Destiny is hosting a Family Fun Day on December 11, 2022 for all to enjoy. Families are invited to stop by the upside-down house and play before the holiday traffic and guests ro... Read More

Tips for Making it Through the Holiday Season Healthfully

Nov 14, 2022  |   Contributor: Cher Murphy

According to the American Psychiatric Association, Americans are five times more likely to say their stress level increases during the holiday season. Not only is stress not good for one's health, but it often leads to poor choices that furth... Read More

Tips for Managing the Holiday Chaos – Find the Joy, Not the Stress

Nov 11, 2022  |   Contributor: Cher Murphy

Some people love the holiday season and thrive with the flurry of activities, including decorating, shopping, and parties. Others find it a stressful time that adds a lot to their already busy plate, possibly stretching their already-stretched-thi... Read More

The Relationship Between Cryptocurrency and Technology

Nov 10, 2022  |   Contributor: JustLuxe

Whether you want to buy stellar, or are just curious about cryptocurrency, you must be wondering what technology has made cryptocurrencies possible. ... Read More

Tesla Cost of Ownership: How Much Does It Cost to Own a Tesla?

Nov 9, 2022  |   Contributor: JustLuxe

Tesla makes the world’s most popular electric vehicles. Before buying a Tesla, however, it’s important to consider the cost of ownership.... Read More

Agilis 400C and Agilis 400D: Great Power in Elegant Design Solutions

Nov 8, 2022  |   Contributor: JustLuxe

The hot summer days have already ended, but we have a hot news for you. Our range has been replenished with whole two new jet tenders, so we will tell you all about them now.... Read More

Lush Advent Calendar 2022: Make the Christmas Lead Up More Luxurious With this Ethically-Produced Advent Calendar

Nov 2, 2022  |   Contributor: Elisabeth Rushton

Christmas is creeping closer, and even the staunchest Scrooge would struggle not to summon up some seasonal excitement when presented with Lush’s Advent Calendar 2022. Long gone are the days when the countdown to Christmas would be marked by... Read More

Why You Should See Fall Colors in France Now

Nov 2, 2022  |   Contributor: Ela Walz

As if France wasn't charming enough, Fall season with its vibrant colors is the best time to visit. The summer crowds have disappeared, tables at the best restaurants become available and hotels offer great deals. Most importantly, seeing Fre... Read More

The Best Exercise Program for Each Decade of Your Life

Nov 2, 2022  |   Contributor: Cher Murphy

We all know being physically active is beneficial, even if we don't heed the advice. Yet we may not always be clear about the best way to stay active as we age. Not all exercise programs are fitting for all people. Where someone is in their l... Read More

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Autonomous Drone Delivery

Nov 2, 2022  |   Contributor: Cher Murphy

There is a lot of buzz about drones, especially regarding using the technology for delivery purposes. Many envision a future with drones to deliver everything from hot pizzas and restaurant takeout to prescription medications. The good news is tha... Read More

How New Technologies Are Saving Lives on The Road

Nov 2, 2022  |   Contributor: JustLuxe

Who doesn't love the latest automobiles? As we all know, cars are a big part of our everyday lives. We use them to get around, go to work, pick up groceries, and much more. They're a necessity for many of us. But as much as we rely on them, they can also be very dangerous.... Read More