12 Fashion Hacks to Look Taller!

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Want to look taller? We all do!
Follow these 12 ridiculously easy fashion hacks to boost your height with style!

1. Always Vertical

Vertical stripes on clothes simply make you look taller! This pattern leads the eye up and down and creates an illusion of height. Narrow stripes work better than wide ones for enhancing the height effect. Avoid horizontal stripes, as they do the opposite, making you look wider instead of taller!

2. Mini Dresses Max Height

Mini dresses serve as a simple and timeless method to enhance height. Opting for dresses that end above the knees is particularly effective in making the legs look elongated. If you want to maximize the effect, pair your mini dress with stunning women’s wedge heels, and you’ll feel tall and comfy!

3. High-Waist Forever

Every short girl knows this one! High-waisted garments are excellent for creating the illusion of longer legs, thus making you look taller. By elevating the waistline, these pieces draw the eye upward and elongate the lower body. When you choose pants, skirts, or shorts that sit above your natural waist, you enhance the vertical line of your figure. Beyond adding inches to your perceived height, high-waist garments also define your waist, and create a flattering silhouette. Pairing high-waisted bottoms with a tucked-in top or a crop top can further emphasize this effect!

4. Skirt it up

Wearing skirts is a clever way to enhance height visually. Unlike shorts, which clearly show where your legs begin, skirts blur this line, making it less apparent. This subtlety can make your legs appear longer. Opting for skirts that flow or have a slight flare can also contribute to a lengthened look, and create a graceful, elongated silhouette.

For added height, choose skirts with a high waist, pair your skirt with heels, or try going all-monochrome!

5. No Oversized Today

Oversized clothing can often make you look shorter, especially if not styled carefully. When garments are too large, they can overwhelm your frame, making it appear as though you are drowning in fabric.

While this trend does have its chic, the effect can shorten the look of your legs and disrupt the body's proportions.

If you still want to pull off an oversized outfit, ensure your oversized items are well-balanced with more fitted clothing, or choose oversized items that highlight your waist to maintain a sense of proportion and height. Also, you can fight the shortening effect by wearing women’s platforms or use any of the tips mentioned here.

6. Try Hats!

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Hats are a great addition to create an illusion of extra height. Go for hats with some height, like fedoras or panamas, which extend your silhouette's top line. Just ensure the hat's size is in proportion to your body to maintain a balanced look.

7. Nude Shoes (Easy)

Nude shoes are an excellent choice for creating an uninterrupted line from your legs to your feet, making you appear taller. The color matches your skin tone, which visually extends your leg length. Opt for nude heels or flats depending on comfort and occasion, and see the difference for yourself.

8. Heels (Of course)

Well, this one is not really a “fashion hack” but the list wouldn’t be complete without it!

These beauties are one of the most straightforward ways to add height. They lift your stance, elongating your legs and improving your posture, which contributes to a taller appearance. The variety is vast, so you can choose based on your desired style and comfort.

When picking heels to appear taller, it's crucial not to go for very high heels if they feel uncomfortable. Even a small heel can make a significant difference in how tall you appear!
Always Practice walking in them before going out to prevent looking awkward. Comfort in heels is key to looking good and tall.

9. Go Monochrome

A must try. Wearing one color from head to toe creates an unbroken vertical line, making you look significantly taller and more streamlined. Choose fitted pieces in the same shade to maximize this effect. This style not only elongates your figure but also adds a touch of elegance and chic to your look.

10. Height-Boosting Hairstyles

Your hairstyle can also impact the perception of your height. Voluminous hairstyles or ones that add height at the crown can make you appear taller. Consider styles like high buns, ponytails, or layered cuts that add volume at the top. Avoid flat, wide hairstyles that can make your head look larger and your body shorter in comparison.

11. Point it up

Pointy toe shoes are a smart choice to visually lengthen your legs. The extended toe creates an illusion of longer feet, which, in turn, enhances the overall perception of height. Pairing these shoes with pants or skirts that fall just above or at the shoe can maximize this elongating effect. Whether they're flats or heels, the sharp, elongated toe design is key to achieving this stylish height-boosting look.

12. Long Coats Chic

Long coats can add a vertical line to your outfit, creating the illusion of height. When the coat extends below the knee, it draws the eye downward and elongates the body. Choose a tailored long coat that cinches at the waist to enhance your silhouette and avoid any bulky look that could shorten your appearance. The beauty about long coats is that beyond the heightening effect, they’re super chic and very, very warm!

The Bottom Line

Adopting any or all of these tips can significantly influence how tall you appear. By choosing the right outfits and shoes, you can create an illusion of height that boosts your confidence and enhances your style. Embrace these hacks, and you'll notice how a few smart choices can make a big difference in your overall appearance.

Good luck!

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