Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Delivers Anti-Aging Beauty Trifecta for Looking and Feeling Great

Some call it the Mecca for health and beauty. Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center has all the solutions when it comes to building a lasting health, wellness and beauty plan. Clients don’t just pop in for a touch up to help with mirror appeal, they learn the foundations of essential health and beauty practices so they are equipped to make positive life choices that are applied to systematically erase signs of aging from the inside out. BHRC brings a unique age management trifecta under the same roof: medical professionals, dieticians, dermatological experts, cosmetic doctors and sought-after spa treatments to offer the complete package for all beauty needs.

Natural touch-ups via injectables and facials are the icing on the cake. Developing a rejuvenating plan at BHRC focuses on a powerful anti-aging trifecta, known as Foundation, Fill and Finish. Develop a healthy “Foundation” through HRT that restores your body’s natural hormonal harmony. Then “Fill” with neurotoxins or injectables to soften wrinkles and create supple skin, and the “Finish” involves surface beautification with HydraFacials, medical grade chemical peels and skin-tightening or advanced body contouring.

Leigh-Anne Anderson

Having worked in London, under one of the top Public Relations agencies in the world, Leigh-Anne Anderson is highly skilled in creating influential global PR campaigns. She is a marketer at the core, and, over the past 20 years, has advised some of the most trusted brands with PR and marketing strategies. In turn she has earned national and international publicity in publications such as Fo...(Read More)

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