Modeling Tips For The Aspiring Model

First things first, You should be absolutely sure that the fashion industry in something that you really want to get into. It takes touge skin, ambition, dedication and an unique style and look to succeed in this industry. If you think you Have what it takes then here's a few tips to get you started.

Building Your Portfolio

1). Your Portfolio should be More than just pretty pictures. It should reflect who you are and what you can bring to the table. Show versatility in your look. Agencies, designers, photographers etc. want to see the different looks you can portray. you should include up-to-date measurements , because if you get a call back your measurements should be the same as stated in your portfolio. If you look totally different from the measurements in your portfolio you maybe turned around at the door . so be sure to have the correct information. Be sure to list all your Modeling experience . if you are a beginning model be sure to state that as well as any training you have had.

You should only include your best Shots in your portfolio. "I guess you can say you should put you best foot forward". You want them to see your best. That's what is going to get you in the door.

Submitting To Modeling Agencies

As an onwer of an modeling agency, I am going to tell you what we want to see when you submit an application online or through postal mail. It's very simple and straight forward. It amazes me how many individuals don't follow these simple requirements. As if NOT following the requirements will give them a better chance of being called back for a face to face interview.

Here's What Agenices want to see.

When Submitting to any Modeling agency, the first and most important thing you must do is read and make sure you meet the agency's model requirements. If you do not meet the requiremnts ,it is a very big chance you will not become contracted with that agency. If you meet all of the agency's requiremnts then fill out the online submission form or submit by mail. You will need a Head shot and a full body shot. It is best to use digital photos of yoursel,f Professional photos are not needed. Be sure that your face is visible and clear. Self taken photos are not good. get some one to take the photo for you. Don’t wear shades in your photos or to much makeup They want to see your Face so little to no make is best. Be sure to Have your measurements ( Height,Weight, Chest or Bust, Eye color, hair color,Dress Size or suite size, Shoe Size, Modifications and accurate contact information is a must.

Pursuing A Runway Modeling Career

Pursuing  a career in runway modeling can be very difficult if you do not meet Runway Model requirements and do not deliver  quality work in order to maintain professional relationships with the business clients that your agent connect you with. delivering poor work will ultimately result in your runway career ending. Agents, designers etc. want people that can deliver the best promotions for their products,and/or services. If you can do that ,then you can be very productive in this area of modeling.

High Fashion Runway Modeling Requirements/Tips

  1. Must be at least 5'7 - 5'8 or taller barefoot .(this can vary from client to client depending on the clients needs).
  2. Must have a lean body. Most are size 2-6 depending on the client needs.
  3. Have a strong Runway walk .
  4. Must be able to change quickly. ( you will be changing a lot depending on how many outfits you will be wearing. you must be dressed and ready when it's time for you to walk. 3 minutes is a reasonable time to be ready).
  5. Be professional an drama FREE
  6. Be on time for the event ( you will be in hair and makeup so it is vital that you be there on time to get ready).
  7. Follow directions perfectly. (it's very important that you do exactly what you are told by the client)

Please keep in mind that it's what ever the client wants. You are the employee and they are the employer. You can be terminated during the show or replaced at any time. Even when your are one of the Top models in the industry.

I hope these tip were very helpful to you and I wish you the Best of luck in your modeling career.

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