Casa Dragones, Sipping Tequila

Food & Spirits: No matter how refined a tequila, it generally needs pairing with salt and lime to conceal the harshness as it goes down the throat in fell shot. Which is why Casa Dragones is so unique. Unlike its predecessors, Casa Dragones is a sipping tequila, meant to be savored.

Casa Dragones is an independent small batch distiller that only produces a rare style of tequila, a pure blend of 100% blue agave joven.

Founded by Bob Pittman (of MTV, AOL, Daily Candy fame) and Bertha Gonzales (formerly of Jose Cuervo North America), Casa Dragones does each step of its very unique process by hand to create a tequila so smooth, it can actually be sipped.

Co-founder Bob Pittman of The Pilot Group states, "Our vision was to produce a tequila with no 'wince factor' or harsh aftertaste. We achieved it, and more."

Inspired by the legendary Dragones of San Miguel de Allende, the elite cavalry that sparked one of the movements that started the Mexican Independence, Casa Dragones is unique from its creation to bottling. In fact, the process is so time consuming that only a limited amount are put out each year.

The tequila is first distilled multiple times using pure spring water before the Maestro Tequilero hand finishes the process, adding the perfect amount of extra añejo tequila, rested in oak barrels for over 5 years, to balance the taste. The tequila, 100% Blue Agave Joven, defined by a blend of platinum and extra añejo, is then bottled in a limited edition crystal bottle, which is engraved by hand, then signed and numbered.

Co-Founder and CEO, Bertha González Nieves says, "For us, it's one bottle at a time, and we never want that to change."

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