Interview With Commercial Helicopter CEO: Robinson Helicopters Takes Flight

With nearly 1,000 employees and a 6,000-square-foot California facility, Robinson Helicopters is the world's largest manufacturer of civil helicopters. Recently, JustLuxe's Beck Bamberger shared some one-on-one time with Kurt Robinson, CEO of Robinson Helicopters.

Kurt Robinson says his father, founder Frank Robinson, was quick to recognize the gap in the commercial helicopter market back in 1973. According to Kurt, it was his father, whose idea to branch out (after being shut down by two previous companies), who really set the tone.

"He realized that all the other helicopter manufacturers focused on the military and nobody really focused on the commercial market," said Robinson. He believes that if he broke away and focused on the commercial market that there would be some merit and he would be able to sell some helicopters."

Today, Robinson Helicopters manufactures three models of aircraft, including the two-seater R22, the four-place R44, and now the R66, a five-place turbine engine helicopter. With 150 orders placed this year alone, the company's premiere R66 model has already sold out.

From the raw materials to the finished assembly, every step of the way has proven to be equally important.


"It is an engineering company," says Robinson. "When we have hired engineers, we really do look for the best and brightest and obviously we look for engineers, who are really interested in the field of aviation."

With the proper engineering and mechanics, and the ability to meet the needs and respective price points of the individual consumer, we foresee clear skies ahead for Robinson Helicopters.

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