Elevator Boutique Provides Luxury Home Elevators With Style

Elevator Boutique focuses on providing state-of-the-art luxury elevator lines that best suit customers’ styles and needs. Established in 2003, the company has grown to become a leader in quality luxury home elevators and has won international awards for their superior innovations, products, and service. Just one look at these artistic levitating masterpieces and you’ll understand why.

The team at Elevator Boutique is committed to providing gorgeous home elevators to customers, focusing on luxury, quality, style, speed, and most importantly, customer choice. Customized to meet the customer’s every need, the designs, styles, and products used to build these home elevators are exclusive to the Elevator Boutique brand within the U.S. With its style-to-suit philosophy and array of available customizations, it’s highly unlikely that you’d find the same Elevator Boutique product in any two homes.

With three designs to choose from, no matter the choice, the customer has an endless amount of options to customize their elevator to their needs. The design could be considered just a blueprint; along with the state-of-the-art technology and functionality, the customizable features of Elevator Boutique products are what make them unique to the client.

From the hoistway that the elevator runs in to the light pattern on the ceiling, the customer’s options are endless but are meant to meet their aesthetic and practical needs. The client will choose the looks of their cabin walls, door panels, ceiling and lights, and door handles, to name a few. Choose from lamina, marble, solid wood, or stone floors in any of the elevator designs. Not to mention, the customer gets a say in design options, such as a panoramic or observation-style view.

Nicolle Keogh

Nicolle graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX in 2011 with degrees in Journalism and French. Originally from the East Coast, she is a recent San Diego transplant who is trying to take advantage of all that this sunny city has to offer. She was a contributor to her campus newspapers at SMU and was previously the Editor of San Diego-based start-up DailyCrowdsource....(Read More)

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