12 Awesome Décor Ideas For a Headstart on the Steampunk Trend

Steampunk used to be a microculture, one misunderstood by the masses and fanatically embraced by those on the fringe of society, but in the recent years it has broken into mainstream culture in a big way. The trend has been covered by countless publications (IBM is even predicting it will dominate the fashion industry in the coming years) and we've seen the likes of Gary Oldman walking the catwalk for Prada's 2012 steampunk-inspired menswear. The style can probably be replicated the easiest in home décor choices, especially with the current obsession with all things refurbished and industrial — the popular brand Restoration Hardware pretty much overhauled their entire catalogue with steampunk in mind. While it's usually made up of bulky, overly-masculine pieces, it's not that difficult to tone it down from a scream to a soft suggestion.

What is steampunk? The answer is actually more complicated than one might think and will change depending on the person answering. More than simple aesthetics, steampunk has always first been a literary genre (heavily borrowing from the likes of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells) — or at the very least a subgenre of science fiction — that reimagines social relationships and technological achievements of the Victorian 19th century (which is where the steam comes from). It's basically bringing future advancements to the past to create an alternative history and lifestyle. It's pretty much the ultimate in new-retro gadgets. Want your iPod to play on a gramophone? Steampunk. You may be a fan of the style and not even know it — Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes comes to mind.

Getting your house to look like a steampunk dwelling isn't that tough. All you really need to know are the key staples so keep an eye out for exposed dark wood, rusty metals, leather, and machinery. While you want it to be deconstructed, you also want it to be tech-forward, so pair new with old. Maybe set a vintage 19th globe beneath a neat clock with exposed gears. Steampunk is easily adapted into any style so here are the pieces I would choose if I were to do an interior décor overhaul!

Mila Pantovich

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