Luxury Home Fragrances by Designer Brand NEST

Everyone wants a fragrant home. Crisp notes during the summer, perhaps warm, spicy notes for winter. Or, maybe you are someone that prefers more exotic or fruity aromas. Whatever the choice may be, we doubt anyone would argue that the best luxury home fragrances: candles, diffusers, soaps and such are those that are long-lasting, strong – but not overly so – and smell delicious.

For the past few weeks we have sampled a great home fragrance line called NEST. Born in 2008 from the mind that previously developed home collections for the likes of Christian Dior, Jonathan Adler and more, Laura Slatkin’s NEST Home Fragrances is a beautiful and varied line. In it’s entirety, NEST includes Beach, Holiday and the Everyday Collection, which boasts different candle scents, six of which are also accompanied by diffusers, lotion, body wash, bar and hand soaps. Sir Elton John even has his own scent, but more on that later.

Courtney Driver

Courtney Driver combines her passion for luxury with her love for writing as the Executive Editor for JustLuxe. An authority on the luxury lifestyle, Driver's travel experience has come to encompass visits to some of the most lavish properties in the world, exclusive transportation methods such as helicopter and private jet, as well as exotic locales like Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. Having...(Read More)

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