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Italy Vacations | Living Like A King at Umbria Castle

BY: Eric Meyers | 2011
Every resort offers certain classy amenities, whether it be a restaurant headed up by a TV celebrity chef, or a spa offering...

Westin Excelsior Rome: An Italian Escape

BY: Nicolle Monico | 2010
Luxury Hotels: Escape to a suite where red, gold and grey palettes decorate the walls and furniture; a vaulted ceiling...


BY: Word Travels | 2010
The eternal city of Rome, constructed of ruins and in whose name the Caesars sought to claim the world, opens for the...

Italian consumers call for buying strike

BY: | 2008
Consumer groups asked Italians to keep their wallets closed Monday to protest inflation that has especially hit food, fuel...

Survey: Breakfast a pricey affair in Rome

BY: | 2008
Rome has the most expensive breakfasts in Italy, a survey found.The Italian news agency ANSA said Thursday that the average...

Inflation in Italy sparks protests

BY: | 2008
A report on rising prices of daily purchases in Italy Friday sparked calls for protest from union leaders and consumer...

Reports: Gascoigne in bizarre incidents

BY: | 2008
Former Newcastle soccer star Paul Gascoigne was allegedly involved in a disturbance at the Malmaison Hotel in Newcastle,...

Imprisoned Mafioso can become a father

BY: | 2008
An imprisoned Mafioso can father a child by donating sperm to his wife, the highest court in Italy has ruled.The court...

Alleged crime boss denies all charges

BY: | 2008
The alleged boss of the 'Ndrangheta crime organization denied all charges against him by Italian officials following his 18...

Former Nazi guard loses extradition fight

BY: | 2008
Michael Seifert, a former Nazi guard who fought extradition from Canada, has been officially transferred to Italy where he...

Claim: Roman cave is not a fabled grotto

BY: | 2008
A leading Roman topography expert said a grotto found under the home of Emperor Augustus in the Italian capital is not the...

Ronaldo faces surgery on torn tendon

BY: | 2008
Brazilian soccer great Ronaldo was taken to Rome for surgery on a ruptured tendon in his right knee, an injury that...
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