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Downtown LA is Tinseltown’s New Gem

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Sep. 14th, 2016

Los Angeles is a place known for its sunny days, beautiful people, and vibrant nightlife. And if you’re visiting the home of America’s glitterati, the JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE is the perfect backdrop for your California vacation. Located in the heart of downtown, it is close to some of the city’s most exciting up-and-coming attractions. 

The sprawling City of Angeles has long been home to entertainment industry insiders and beach bums alike. The fabric of Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), by contrast, was considered a dead zone when compared to areas like Venice Beach or West Hollywood. More recently, however, the locale (which incorporates South Park, the Financial District, Chinatown, the Arts District, the Fashion District, and the Historic Core neighborhoods, just to name a few) is engaging in a cultural renaissance which promises to make it the thriving heartbeat of a newly realized urban metropolis.

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In fact, the area is slated to grow by 8.8 percent over the next five years, making it the second fastest growing urban center in America. The Real Deal has reported that, “The growth has been attributed to a surge in interest in DTLA among higher income residents, driven by ‘cultural offerings…restaurants and nightlife, as well as new residential development.’”

The revitalization began in 1999 with the Staples Center, which exposed Angelenos to an area of the city that they would not have normally considered a cultural hotspot. With the Staples Center came both Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles and JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. Live, both of which brought luxury accommodations to a part of the city that desperately needed them. Since then, artists, chefs, retailers and entrepreneurs have come to the area in a steady stream, bringing with them a rebirth. Cedd Moses, CEO of DTLA-based 213 Hospitality, told GQ that after he “looked at the soaring rental prices and plummeting housing stock elsewhere in LA, at the commuting times that drove half the city crazy, [and] at the half-million people already working in or nearby Downtown…‘All we were waiting for was a spark.’” The acronym DTLA has been adopted, instead of the dispassionate and simple “downtown,” thanks to the surge of newcomers that have encouraged a rebranding of the area. New businesses cropping up have been encouraged to be dog-friendly in an effort to increase pedestrian traffic on the streets.

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Despite the suspension of the Michelin Guide in LA in 2009, the region has seen a multitude of chefs flocking to its streets as well, all contributing to a developing foodie culture. Curtis Stone, celebrity chef and owner of Maude has said that, “Truthfully, from a culinary standpoint, [LA] has the most unbelievable produce in the world: the microclimates and a hippie attitude. It’s unique.” If foodie happens to be your middle name, begin an evening in DTLA by watching the sunset with a Prosecco in hand at Perch. The antique-themed French bistro is one of many rooftop bars and eateries that has popped up in DTLA, giving visitors flawless 360-degree views of the city. Move along to Wolfgang Puck’s WP24 for some killer Chinese and a panoramic view of the city. If you’re feeling something sweet, head to Bottega Louie, a 255-seat bakery that is lauded for bringing a high-end eatery to a once vacant space, and is now reputed for its tasty, colorful macarons.   

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“Today’s downtown retail market has never been more robust, with global fashion brands, boutique labels, and national chains alike racing to establish a foothold in the market,” says Carol Schatz, CEO of the Downtown Center Business Improvement District. Retail ventures that embody the laid-back, yet entrepreneurial spirit of LA seem to be cropping up all over downtown. Poketo, for example, was opened in 2003 in the Arts District area of DTLA by a husband-and-wife team looking to become purveyors of a design-driven, Japan-inspired lifestyle brand. Their wildly popular flagship store is a staple in the retail scene, and according to Citizine’s Guide to DTLA, is “the reason you go to the Arts District.”

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L.A. Live, a development that helped to jumpstart the cultural revolution of DTLA, was once a space that only accommodated spaces for dining and entertainment venues. Now L.A. Live has opened its doors to retail, welcoming Brigade LA, a fashion store that won the hearts of Angelenos with its curated selection of designer brands such as Vivienne Westwood and Marc Jacobs. According to DTLA Rising, there have also been rumors of Italian luxury brand Gucci exploring the DTLA area for a new storefront. With other luxury retailers such as OAK NYC, APC, and Acne Studios recently coming to the area, it seems likely that more brands will follow suit.    

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This year, the city of Los Angeles passed the four million citizen mark and topped the other nine largest cities in California in terms of growth. With rooftop bars, exclusive shopping, and culinary masterpieces coming to fruition all over Downtown LA, is it any wonder why it’s suddenly becoming the city’s crown jewel?

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