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Connect. Relate. Influence.
Welcome to LuxeLounge, the online community of JustLuxe Members.

LuxeLounge is a space for our readers, writers and other like-minded individuals looking to connect, relate, and influence. From here you can:

  • Earn points and awards
  • Upload stories and reviews that share your personal point of view
  • Enhance your social standing in the luxury world.
  • Interact with other discerning minds in the luxury realm

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Your Profile & Account Details
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Your profile serves as your calling card. You can include a link to your blog or website, any contact information you would like to share and of course a bio all about who you are, your interests and anything else your would like to include.

A JustLuxe Member may share as little or as much information with the world as they like. Contributors and Writers will want to make sure this area is filled out as much as possible to showcase their work.
Create your profile.

Connect. Relate. Influence.
Comments   |   Stories   |   Activity FAQs & How To's

There are many ways for LuxeLounge Members to interact with each other, earn points and badges along the way, have their voice be heard and increase their presence in the LuxeLounge.

Connect. Relate. Influence.


We all know what these are. Share your opinion on a topic or subject, start a conversation or congratulate someone on their work. Have a bit more to say? Write a review or upload a story instead, it's up to you!


Tried out a product lately that you loved? Test drive the latest Hybrid last weekend? Or perhaps you feel like dishing on the latest restaurant in your town? All great reasons to write a Review and we are just getting started. Once you log in, head over to the City Guides to give your opinion, jump to the main pages of JustLuxe for inspiration or simply write one from your account page.


Want to tell your story? Have the scoop on some great news, take a fantastic trip recently or have your hands on the latest celebrity gossip? Maybe you are an expert in your field and want to share tips with everyone in the LuxeLounge? Members can write, blog and upload their personal stories, insights and more right from their account. Write as little or often as you like, there is a wide array of topics for you to choose from.


The difference between a Story and an Article is essentially placement. If you write a Story that is of the best quality, on a topic that fits on JustLuxe, we might choose to place your work on our main pages. When you upload a Story you have the option of requesting consideration for what you have written to be upgraded to an Article.

Membership Levels

LuxeLounge is open to anyone, and those who join have the option of participating at various levels of involvement. Anyone who joins LuxeLounge is a Member. If you request to have a story you have written to be included on JustLuxe and it is approved, you will automatically be upgraded to Contributor. There is no specific process followed regarding Writers, they are simply hand-picked by our editors as the best of the best.

Your Profile

Your Profile

New members can easily create an account on JustLuxe with an email address or by simply logging in with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google or Yahoo.

Existing Members may log in as usual. If you would prefer to log in with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google or Yahoo, you can simply connect to your preferred social network from the My Account page.

    *You may additionally choose to display any of these accounts to the LuxeLounge, if you would like to have that information visible to promote yourself.

Your Favorites

Your profile also serves as a tool in which you can bookmark all of your favorite members, writers, brands and more in one convenient little spot. No need to clutter up your browser bookmarks, just log in at anytime to view your favorites.

Your Brands   Coming Soon

Display your favorite brands on your profile to show them some love and decorate your page.

Your Badges & Reward Points

The more active you are in the LuxeLounge and on the pages of JustLuxe, the more you earn. Points are awarded to users for various reasons, including making comments, writing reviews or referring a friend. Badges are also awarded for specific actions, such as having your first article approved for the main pages of JustLuxe or reaching a certain amount of lifetime points.

connect. relate. influence.
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