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Philadelphia Questions: Where should I bring my grandkids to eat before an eagles game?
By: Charles   |    Historian
September 26, 2012   |   2 Responses


Steven commented on October 28, 2013

The Dutch Eating Place is a great, kid-friendly spot to eat, but their menu is primarily breakfast fare and sandwiches. If you want something a bit more filling and game-oriented, try Paesano's on Girard Avenue. A hot dog there might dissuade the temptation to seek one out at the ballpark, and they've got a great menu to choose from.

Kaitlyn commented on September 26, 2012

if you can get there well before your game chickie and petes is always a good sports bar to bring the family, but because the other stadiums are right there it can get pretty crowded but the crab fries alone are worth the wait

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