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Tokyo Travel Guide

A Grand Week for Tokyo's Designers Week

Posted: Nov. 28th, 2012  |  By Michael Pearse
Tokyo Designers Week

It is too late to attend now but it is certainly worth the time to look at photos taken at this year’s Tokyo Designers week. An entire week dedicated to art and design transforming into a convention featuring Engineering, Architecture, Electronics, Woodworking, unique houses constructed from unusual materials, cat ears that react to the wearer’s brain waves, and a display of Docomo’s phone designs over the past two decades, a total of 611 phones.

Japan is famed for its history of unique design, and Tokyo Designers Week is the biggest chance the country has to show it's still got it. Taking place across the city from October 30th until November 5th, the event brings together artists, students, architects, and technology companies in a celebration of all things design.

This year's event was built around the themes of "House" and "Play," but not all exhibitors stuck to the themes so strictly. Our visit managed to take in skateboards made from kimonos, giant rabbit art, Kinect-powered alarm clocks, giraffe-shaped skyscrapers, and over six hundred cellphones. Read on to see these and more.


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