Building Dreams One Property At A Time, Meet Brittany Zalkin

Brittany Zalkin

Meet Brittany Zalkin, a trailblazing professional dominating the South Florida real estate market. With over a decade of experience in the home buying industry, Brittany has become an expert in all things real estate, ranging from flipping homes, listing multi-million dollar properties along the South Florida coast, staging, and interior design

Beyond being a real estate agent, Brittany offers her clients a fully immersive experience. What sets her apart is not only her proficiency in the field but also her personal journey of buying numerous homes, making her an empathetic and successful agent. Her insights and commentary on all matters related to interior design and  real estate are second to none, making her a go-to expert in the field.

It was my pleasure to check in with Brittany to chat about her real estate journey and how she has successfully built her brand in South Florida! 

Can you briefly describe your background and experience in real estate? 

Brittany Zalkin (BZ): From a young age, I was fascinated when I would travel to see how other people lived. The architecture, culture, and even price differences amazed me. Living in many places throughout the U.S. and Canada has given me a unique perspective on real estate and most importantly, integrating into new communities. When I moved to Florida, it was during the real estate “COVID-boom”. A friend of ours was having success flipping homes and was gracious enough to offer us to partner in an opportunity. While watching him love the art of finding a deal, I was forever bitten by the excitement of finding something, creating value, and selling it for a profit. It was at that point I knew I wanted to be involved in real estate as an investor and agent for life and make it my full-time job.

What is one piece of advice you would give to any first-time home buyer?

BZ: It’s two pieces that go hand-in-hand. The first is finding a great lender and a real estate agent! A lender will guide you on how to prepare your credit and finances before getting a mortgage. It’s easy to decide “I want to buy a $500k house.” But, can you afford that? Your lender will work with you to find the payments you feel comfortable with first, then match the home amount with that. Plus, when you go to make an offer, submitting a pre-approval letter makes it a much stronger offer. 

Next, find a great real estate agent! Tip - It costs you $0; the seller pays them! Real estate agents streamline the daunting process of trying to search for a home. The agent is essentially your quarterback throughout the process and will guide you to understand the market conditions as well as navigate regulations and laws. There are always unexpected hiccups, always! From titles, mortgages, inspections, and HOAs, there are many ways your deal can fall through. A knowledgeable agent can clearly explain what’s happening, advise on solutions, and of course, negotiate the best deal possible on your behalf!

How do you approach building and maintaining strong relationships with your clients?

(BZ): I’ve always had a big heart — possibly too big. I’ve found that just being myself rather than trying to be a “salesperson” goes a long way. Take the time to ask about who people are. For example, ask the story behind the home they are looking to sell and why they want to make the real estate transaction to begin with. My greatest joy is in getting to know my clients and building a trusting relationship. I know the feeling when I get a text or a call from someone out of the blue wishing me something as simple as a “Happy Birthday!” So, why not do that same thing for the relationships in my life? They say, “A little goes a long way” and it does!

Where do you see yourself in the real estate industry in the next 5 years?

(BZ): This coincides with the previous question because my answer simply is that I will be working solely with existing clients and their referrals. I hope to be even more knowledgeable about real estate accounting and laws which can greatly impact my clients in their real estate transactions.  

How do you adjust your approach when faced with market fluctuations or changes in client preferences?

(BZ): Real estate, like our lives, fluctuates and changes whether we like it or not! Change is inevitable. Market fluctuations create opportunities on the buyer or seller side of real estate. It’s my job as an agent to educate my clients on those opportunities so they can take advantage of them. 

As far as client preference changes, that’s just part of the buying or selling process a person goes through. There are many financial and emotional factors involved which can dictate change. I work for them, so if there’s a preference change, it’s my job to be flexible and go find what they’re now looking for to make it happen.  

To keep up with Brittany follow her on Instagram @brittzalkin!

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