Finch Hattons: 30 Years of Kenyan-Owned Luxury Safari Excellence


Finch Hattons, a timeless tented camp in Tsavo National Park, is celebrating 30 years as a Kenyan owned and operated camp. As one of the leading pioneers in the field, this milestone signifies Finch Hattons’ commitment to preserving the natural wonders of Kenya while prioritizing transformative wilderness experiences.

In 1993, renowned hotelier Peter Frank and the Kenyan Gehlot family built Finch Hattons on a vibrant area of land in Tsavo West National Park – especially beloved by big-game hunter turned anti-poacher and conservationist, Denys Finch Hattons. Peter Frank had the vision to build a luxury camp in the bush to a standard that was not previously achieved with Kenyan hospitality at the forefront. Named Africa’s Leading Tented Safari Camp by World Travel Awards over 10 times, the local staff prioritizes an unwavering commitment to guests through intuitive hospitality and personalized, transformative experiences. Offering an all-around wellbeing encounter by getting guests off the safari vehicle to connect with Tsavo, the Finch Hattons experience brings guests on a healing journey with Kenyan influence. Creating an intimate connection with Tsavo, guests can hike the Chyulu Hills and through the cloud rainforest, explore the Shetani Lava Flow, and practice yoga in the bush. The Chyulu Spa that overlooks the Chyulu Hills is the largest bush spa in East Africa, equipped with an elevated yoga deck, two outdoor air-conditioned massage pavilions, an infinity pool, a hammam, and a fitness center.


This milestone highlights Finch Hattons’ dedication to luxury hospitality while exemplifying the commitment to the balance between preserving Tsavo National Park’s natural beauty and uplifting the surrounding communities. In line with the 30th anniversary occasion, Finch Hattons has introduced a community-focused initiative: the Finch Hattons Culinary School. The culinary school will provide training and employment opportunities for local youth, equipping them with valuable culinary skills that can be applied both within the camp and beyond. This 30th anniversary initiative amplifies the Finch Hattons legacy of supporting the local communities. 

“Finch Hattons was created to establish a haven where guests could immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring beauty of Kenya’s wild landscapes and experience the rich cultural heritage that defines this remarkable country,” said Finch Hattons Director Leena Gehlot. “My family wanted to showcase the unique charm and authenticity of Kenya, while fostering a deep appreciation for its nature and people. Finch Hattons’ is a celebration of Kenya’s enduring spirit and a testament to the country’s influence on the world of luxury safari experiences.

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