Game Changing AI Tech Shoring Up Entryways Against ‘Porch Pirates’

1AHEAD Technologies

Innovative ‘GLO’ virtual security, access and logistics artificial intelligence solution safeguarding entryways against ‘porch pirate’ theft and other location entrance vulnerabilities, elevating e-commerce security

It’s projected that, by 2025, there will be a total of 291.2 million digital buyers in the United States. It is further reported that, also by 2025, more than ten percent of all retail sales in America is expected to be generated via mobile commerce.

With this exponential digital retail growth comes a litany is problems. Of course, there are pitfalls a plenty on the infrastructure and supply chain side, but it is delivery security that has one inventor frothed up. This as Ron Carter, a visionary tech savant who holds the patent for the RING smart video doorbell technology (and that for many other video doorbell companies), has again created and patented revolutionary entry management technology intended to safeguard the burgeoning e-commerce economy.

Timing could not be better or the need more clear. The significance of new developments in the home delivery package protection space cannot be overstated, especially as one considers study findings published in December of 2021 revealing that “around 210 million packages disappeared from porches across America” over the prior 12 month period. As disconcerting, the study also exposed that “package theft happens even when you have security measures in place,” citing that “58% of recent package theft victims reported using a security camera or video doorbell camera.”

It’s clear that “porch-pirating” is escalating to a level that’s become a bona fide challenge for e-commerce sales. A circumstance Carter and his 100% minority-owned company 1AHEAD Technologies is hell-bent on rectifying courtesy of GLO—a first-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) entry management technology recently introduced at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Knowing Carter is responsible for much of the current video surveillance doorbell industry—with some of his previous patents licensed by household-name companies beyond RING like CPI Security, Alarm Force, HeathCo/Zenith, Chamberlain, Live Watch Security and Zmodo—I caught up with him for some fresh insight. This surrounding the nuances of his newest innovation and enterprise as well as the implications at-large for the e-commerce mail order delivery space.

MK: First, in a nutshell how would you describe GLO and its usefulness?

RC: In addition to capturing video, the GLO AI device creates a new category referred to as “entry management” as opposed to security. The system utilizes a sophisticated AI-driven device that may be integrated with smart mailboxes, smart locks, e-commerce logistics, and endless other smart devices.

Overall, GLO AI can recognize delivery personnel, record their actions, allow them to leave packages in a smart box or monitored area, open the door and enable access via a smart lock, record messages, provide logistics to the delivery person, read images that act as keys, aggregate data and more.

MK: I understand the new GLO AI entry management device is supported by something called “VALT” technology. Can you elaborate on that?

RC: Yes, VALT is an acronym for “Virtual Access and Logistics Technology” and is our patented platform that enables GLO to offer such unparalleled capabilities. It’s a first-generation AI technology designed to provide e-commerce security, access control and management, e-commerce logistics support, and a security response that surpasses the current marketplace offerings of ineffective video notifications and alarms.

VALT represents a very secure and effective way to address access and logistics at the fraction of the cost of personnel, physical keys and related expenses. Mobile devices are inherently secure because of the associated IP address and biometric access feature on locked devices.

The core features of VALT make everyday transactions more manageable in support of streamlined communications and access options for merchants, customers and property owners.

This technology offers commanding potential to solve logistics-related issues in the e-commerce industry and beyond. In fact, VALT technology impacts other vertical markets beyond residential/consumer benefits such as corporate/commercial facility access, real estate, property management and property exchanges like Airbnb. We’ve filed continuation applications to further expand VALT’s capabilities across industries and sectors.

MK: Is the GLO solution founded on VALT a subscription-based platform?

RC: Yes, the VALT application is membership-based and functional within a network of individual and business subscribers, facilitating two-way communication and oversight for end users experiencing transactions. GLO technology will likely retire many current video doorbells, although the solution will be priced comparable to current video doorbell devices.

MK: In your estimation, how pervasive is the porch pirating problem?

RC: At best, it’s frustrating for consumers and costly for merchants. We stand today at a critical moment for online commerce, where innovative solutions are urgently needed more than ever to provide security, logistics support, and access in assisting merchants and end-users mitigate loss. GLO offers an effective response.

MK: What’s the origin story for your new company? What in your career led you here?

RC: I am the inventor of patent #7,193,644, which involves wireless video doorbell surveillance tech. After assigning the patents to the prior company, I lost control of the company in 2017. The original patent was conceived to offer convenience to homeowners, providing the ability of seeing someone at a door via a mobile device. The patent offered some security benefits, however, the technology was initially primarily designed to offer convenience. Today, the video doorbell industry markets video doorbells for security purposes primarily but, as a security product, video doorbells offer very little in the way of threat mitigation.

Additionally, I saw an opportunity to shift the notion of “security” to one of “entry management.” I was able to add a robust upgrade through the addition of Artificial Intelligence, which offers unlimited capabilities. Our technology employs computer learning and logic, which enables the ability to provide event-specific logistics. Networkable keys, utilizing images and photos that can be transmitted via mobile devices—all of which is encrypted so that they cannot be duplicated or forwarded. Our company was also recently awarded additional patents with more advanced features that we look forward to announcing in the near future. This elevated iteration of our GLO product featuring VALT technology will offer consumers an even better response and enhanced capabilities. Our solutions will supersede static video doorbells with a far more advanced and responsive technology to address today’s breed of challenges and those ever-evolving.

A critical moment in time for online commerce is upon us, and innovative machine learning driven solutions can resolve the urgent need to maximize security, logistics support and access capabilities for end users amid the modern in-demand marketplace. For the eComm industry and end consumers, alike, seems Carter’s industry disruptor GLO just might just be the ingenious AI way to go.






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