Get Luxurious Hair with Cezanne's New Formaldehyde Free Treatment


Winter usually means dry, frizzy, hard to style hair. Now there is an easy solution to achieve shiny, healthy, and ultra-conditioned locks that last up to three months.

The new Cezanne Classic Smoothing Treatment smooths all hair types, including wavy, textured, curly and straight hair. Unlike other Keratin smoothing treatments, Cezaane’s method is formaldehyde free and does not use any chemicals.

I decided to try the Cezanne treatment to see if it would smooth out my winter frizzies. Many salons offer the treatment, and I found Virgo salon in downtown LA and booked a treatment.

I met my stylist Ashanti in the bit open hair salon that is divided into several work spaces with mirrors, tables and chairs. Ashanti explained the process to me before we started.

We began with a slathering of the Cezanne treatment which did not smell like most hair treatments and also did not burn when applied to the hair shafts. My hair was covered and left for about 30 minutes. Ashanti then rinsed and combed through my hair and she used a Dyson dryer to dry the hair. I loved the Dyson because it cut the drying time for long hair by half.

Then she flat ironed my hair and the result was extra straight hair that was smooth, soft and shiny.


In addition to being Formaldehyde free, other benefits of the Cezanne treatment include its natural ingredients, the ability to wash or color hair right before or after the treatment, and that the treatment does not dry out the hair. It’s also much better for fragile or color treated hair than traditional keratin treatments.

I was sent home with a bunch of special Cezanne products, including their shampoo, conditioner, leave in spray, conditioning oil and blowout smoothing cream.

I would highly recommend the Cezanne Classic Smoothing Treatment. After a few weeks, I have lots of healthy new hair growth, shiny strands and no frizz.

At Virgo, the treatment runs around $450 depending on the length of hair. I plan to go back to Ashanti for another treatment before summer sets in. The treatment is great for all types of hair and it’s also perfect for male clients who want better conditioned hair.

Learn more about Cezanne Classic Smoothing Treatments at To book a treatment with Ashanti, call Virgo Salon at 323.332.2200.


Shaena Engle

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