Study and Travel: Major Challenges for the Student

An important part of education is the trend of students having to travel overseas for a degree. The trend of study and travel has continued to become more popular, and as such, the respective study problems involved with the process have become more obvious. Here is all you need to know about the challenges caused by diaspora study.

Education Quality

Universities abroad have a high-quality standard of education that is usually different from students moving from countries where their education system is poor. The curriculum used follows the industry standard and is research-oriented. The lab and research facilities consist of high-end tools and technological devices. The faculty is usually diverse, which makes the classes interesting.

The curriculum provides you with the necessary skills to prepare you for the competitiveness ahead.

A major aspect of studying abroad in terms of the assignment. It may not be easy starting the homework yourself. Nevertheless, knowing what services can help with homework is very important. One of the most reputable firms is where a foreign college student can get extra help—so thinking of how do you keep up with your college assignments? Then Gradefixer is the way.

International education encourages global learning and supports understanding among people from diverse backgrounds to make them better individuals academically. The most significant advantage for international students schooling abroad is experimental learning. 

Cultural Shock

Cultural standards differ from country to country. To familiarize yourself with a country's language and the currency, you would have to get acquainted with their local culture. You do not have to be familiar with unwritten rules that are strange to foreigners. For example, in some countries, a handshake is regarded as a courtesy, while it could be offensive. Observe everything in your new country of residence and get used to their culture. With time, you would adjust and even tell your new friends about your country and culture.

Currency Differences

Students who travel abroad find it difficult to understand a strange currency. Understanding the currency's exchange rate should be part of the process when you start planning the trip. An online converter like Google will help you gain some knowledge. Type in any amount, go to the drop-down menu, choose your country's local currency, and add the currency used in the country you will be moving to abroad.

Keep in mind that there might be other monetary issues that you will discover. For example, countries like the United States and Canada do not include taxes in the price of a commodity, but this could be different in other countries. So students planning to school in the US or Canada would need to calculate the taxes and the price tag of any item they are buying.

You might also need to understand the money slang used in the country. In the United Kingdom, a quid is a slang used to identify one pound. Once you adjust to these differences, you won't be confused while paying at the counter.


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Finding an Appropriate Accommodation

Most times, campus accommodations get filled up quickly, which results in students trying to find other alternatives. This might cause the students to pay a huge amount to get their desired accommodation. In some cases, people who pretend to have beautiful apartments can get scammed online using fake photos.

This scam would require the students to pay a security deposit, and this causes the student to lose money. When they eventually discover that they were scammed, the damage has already been done. So international students need to use reliable sources when looking for accommodation.

Feeling Homesick

One can quickly become homesick when nothing around them seems familiar. This causes them to miss their home, family members, or comfortable room. However, homesickness is normal and expected when you move across countries to school, regardless of whether you have never lived alone before. Thus research from UCLA Higher Education Research Institute Survey discovered that 71% of students are affected by homesickness at one point or another.

Nevertheless, it would be best not to let it get into having a fantastic experience abroad. You will always get back to your family and friends, and you can still reach out to them virtually. Explore your campus and new environment to help you overcome the homesickness feeling.


This article has considered various challenges that students may encounter in the diaspora. Therefore, if you aspire to go that way, you must know what to expect and get solutions to your problems. Once those are settled, you will not have a problem studying overseas.

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