The Best Home Workout System in the World: the X3 Bar Elite

Dr. John Jaquish

With gyms around the world closed because the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, there has never been a better time to invest in a home workout system. Whist cardio exercise is relatively easy to replicate (personally, I’ve just switched the elliptical for running in my local park), resistance training is trickier without the correct equipment. Whilst researching apparatus, I came across the X3 Bar Elite (“X3”), a home gym workout system that uses variable resistance training, and which promises to produce muscle gains three times faster than conventional training. I was intrigued to learn more about the X3, which can be used at home for only 10-15 minutes a day, yet still result in remarkable body transformation as seen multiple places on the internet including a fan run X3 users group on Facebook.

X3 Background

The X3 was pioneered by Dr John Jaquish, a biomedical engineer who entered the field of bone density treatment and development in order to mitigate his mother’s osteoporosis (where bones become weaker and are more likely to break). As a precursor to the X3, he developed theOsteoStrong medical device, which boosts bone density by the application of axial compression on the joints. The X3 draws on Dr Jaquish’s years of research and expertise in the medical device industry. According to Dr Jaquish, employing variable resistance fires off stabilizing muscles, which increases growth hormone production, thereby generating faster recovery, and more rapid fat loss.

What is the X3?

The product comprises a ground plate to stand upon, a 19.5 inch‘Olympic’bar made from aluminum alloy with a steel rotational core, and four layered latex bands. The bar is designed to hold more than 800 lbs of force, and is precision-machined with internal bearings, allowing it to rotate as you perform an exercise. The science dictates that humans are actually 7 times stronger than they think they are because weights do not provide variable resistance, but with X3 you actually need the higher force capacity because the load comes on where the body is far more capable of handling higher force.

The rotational axis helps ensure that the heavy-duty band hooks remain parallel to the ground during all movements, so that the bar remains stable (rather than being twisted by the bands) and no harmful torque is applied to your wrists when you perform various exercises. The textured second ground (ground plate) is made of steel and is 1" thick, 18" long and 12" wide, and machined with a groove to accommodate the banding.  There is a notched-out area on the bottom designed to keep the band in place and able to move freely. The four resistance bands that come with the X3 are heavy duty and are custom made from a 30 layer of extra-thick latex specifically for the X3. The four bands come in the following resistances ranges:

The white band:

10 to 50 lbs, then doubled over 100 lbs, add an additional 20% for doubled with a longer stretch like the deadlift or the bent row. So 120 lbs.

The light grey band:

25 to 80 lbs, then doubled over 160 lbs, add an additional 20% for doubled with a longer stretch like the deadlift or the bent row. So 192 lbs.

The dark grey band:

50 to 120 lbs, then doubled over 240 lbs, add an additional 20% for doubled with a longer stretch like the deadlift or the bent row. So 288 lbs.

The black band:

60 to 150 lbs, then doubled over 300 lbs, add an additional 20% for doubled with a longer stretch like the deadlift or the bent row. So 360 lbs.

The Elite band (sold separately, for those who need it):

110 to 250 lbs, then doubled over 500 lbs, add an additional 20% for doubled with a longer stretch like the deadlift or the bent row. So 600 lbs.

How does the X3 work?

The concept underlying the efficacy of the X3 is based on creating variable resistance, but as Dr. Jaquish proves in his medical research, humans are 7 times stronger in specific ranges. So, you can’t do this with bands themselves, the entire system is needed. In fact, if you tried to use the X3 bands without the bar and ground plate, you could break your ankle or wrist. There are 16 scientific studies that detail how variable resistance is superior, and X3 provides the only variable resistance that has a variance curve that matches human biomechanics. It also fits in a gym bag when you want to store it or take it to the park to workout

Variable resistance changes the resistance of the exercise throughout the entire range of motion (ROM), lowering the resistance at your weakest ROM and increasing it at the strongest part of the lift. Training with variable resistance allows you to train your muscles at maximum effort on all ranges of motion (ROM). By using the bands, you’re able to produce more force at the range of motion where you are the strongest (almost fully locked out), and not be inhibited by your weakest range of motion (at the bottom of the movement). This way you’ll be able to overload the strongest ROM without being limited by the weakest ROM and can effectively hit maximum effort in all ranges of motion.

Muscle growth doesn’t depend on how strong you are at the weakest range of motion. It depends on how much you’re able to recruit muscle fibres during the exercise. In your weakest ROM you’re not able to recruit as much muscle tissue as you could in the other ranges of motion.

Variable Resistance can produce greater anabolic hormone responses in testosterone and growth hormone than conventional weightlifting. Resistance bands can produce more tension in the muscle than free weights because they minimize momentum, incorporate stabilization firing, and maintain the muscle under constant tension and heavy load during all ranges of motion, thus resulting in increased total time under tension. Another benefit of resistance bands is that they accentuate eccentric loading. By being under constant stress during exercise, you trigger a massive growth stimulus by releasing more growth hormone.

X3 Exercises

The X3 comes with a 12-week online training program to help you make the most of your new product. Each week consists of two different workouts, each performed twice (one workout on Monday and Thursday, the other on Tuesday and Friday).

Each workout comprises four exercises and each exercise only consists of one set, performed to failure. The exercises include chest press, front squats, deadlifts, tricep extensions, bicep curls, shoulder press, and rows, amongst others.

The online program also includes nutrition tips to help you lose weight and gain muscle. The tips vary from week to week and are intended to be progressive. Dr Jaquish offers many helpful suggestions about ways to cut out sugar.

X3 Results

I have been using the X3 for several weeks. For context, I am 34 and relatively petite (5’3” and 110lbs). At first, I was somewhat skeptical about whether or not the bands could stimulate the muscles as well as a barbell, but after my first workout with the X3, I was astonished by how well it works. I have, moreover, found that the X3 not only promotes muscle growth; it can also give you an amazing cardio workout if you condense the rest periods. If you really push yourself to near failure with every set, you’ll definitely break a sweat.


After having used the X3 for just a few weeks, I’ve already seen an increase in strength, muscle definition, and density. As a busy working mother of two, time is my most precious commodity. I often used to struggle to schedule trips to the gym, and when the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and my gym re-opens, I won’t renew my membership, because the X3 has supplanted my need for it. I love the fact that it is such an efficient, convenient and easily portable system. I don’t need anything other than the X3 to have a complete and portable gym that can be used at home, at a park, on holiday or on business trips.  It is admittedly not inexpensive but taking into account the high quality of the materials, the fact it is a stand-alone exercise device, and the saving on gym fees, the X3 begins to make sound financial sense.

In summary, the X3 represents excellent value for a home and portable gym device that provides a high level of resistance in a compact package.  

X3 Bar Elite from $549.00

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Dr. John Jaquish

Dr. John Jaquish, pioneer of the X3 Bar. 

Dr. John Jaquish

Dr. John Jaquish presenting. 

Dr. John Jaquish

Dr. John Jaquish demonstrating the incredible results possible from using the X3 Bar. 

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