The Future of Cosmetic Dentistry is Here with Harmony Veneers

Dr. Tyler Hales, a celebrity dentist and veneer specialist who founded Hales Aesthetic in Orange County, California

A smile speaks volumes without ever even uttering a single word. It's no wonder most individuals are conscious of their dental appearance; dissatisfaction can significantly impact both personal and professional spheres. Confidence is key to success, and having teeth that inspire confidence is paramount. With the evolution of cosmetic dentistry over recent decades, the future has arrived with Harmony Veneers, offering individuals the contemporary and natural design they desire.

"Harmony Veneers is the absolute best option in the industry for someone who wants amazing veneers," explains Dr. Tyler Hales, a celebrity dentist and veneer specialist who founded Hales Aesthetic in Orange County, California. “Harmony Veneers are a premium choice for those ready to love their smile."

A smile that people love is essential to a better quality of life. According to the University of West Alabama, a lot of psychology goes into someone's smile, whether we realize it or not. They explain that smiles are tools used in social interactions, and a genuine smile reflects the inner state. Smiling has numerous benefits, including being seen as more approachable, releasing feel-good hormones, having better relationships, being more productive, and having less stress.

Even knowing the benefits of smiling, most people will only do it a lot if they feel confident with their smile. If they have teeth that are discolored, imperfect, worn, or otherwise don't look great, it can leave people not wanting to smile. They may shy away from smiling or put their hand over their mouth when they laugh or smile. The good news is that having a smile that people love and will want to share with others is as simple as getting veneers.

In search of improving their smile, people began getting veneers in decades ago. According to research published in the European Journal of Esthetic Dentistry, it was in 1937 that a man named Dr. Pincus introduced veneers to people. Over the decades, the idea of having porcelain veneers adhere to the front of the tooth has evolved. There are been changes in the adhesive, materials, and expectations. Today, we have reached a new milestone with the introduction of Harmony Veneers, which has become a highly-sought after treatment option.

Harmony Veneers are the top-of-the-line option now offered exclusively at Hales Aesthetic. Dr. Hales treats people around the country, helping them achieve the highest quality smile. Dr. Hales is partnered with master ceramist Daniel Yang who creates Harmony Veneers, which are only offered by Hales Aesthetics. The following characteristics set Harmony Veneers apart:

Natural look. Harmony Veneers provide the most natural look so people can feel confident in their smile. Each veneer is hand-crafted by Dr. Yang and is unique to the person's smile. 

Ultramodern design. Harmony Veneers are more modern in design and function than traditional bulky veneers. They provide the organic aesthetics found in natural teeth, with careful attention to the function and health of the bite and smile. 

Uniquely customized. Because every person and smile differs, veneers should reflect your individuality. Harmony Veneers are custom-designed to blend flawlessly into your smile and enhance your unique characteristics and beauty. 

Natural characteristics. Rather than an unnatural look, Harmony Veneers have natural characteristics that make them look like real teeth. This includes color variations, texture, and shape that mimic natural teeth. They take a person's natural smile and perfect it.

Long-lasting. Harmony Veneers can last 20-30 years or more if properly cared for. They are made with high-quality porcelain that resists staining and discoloration. 

Minimal prep. A critical step in the veneer process is appropriately preparing the teeth for the veneers. Dr. Hales is conservative in tooth preparation and will only remove the minimal tooth structure needed to achieve the desired results. 

"If you're seeking excellence, Harmony Veneers should be your choice," remarked Dr. Hales. "They represent an investment in your personal well-being and overall quality of life. Witnessing the transformative impact they've had on countless individuals, I've seen firsthand how they cultivate a deep sense of confidence and joy in one's smile, profoundly enhancing their lives.”

Numerous celebrities, including Jax Taylor, Slade Smiley, Madison LeCroy, Faye Resnick, and Peggy Tanous, have visited Dr. Hales for their veneers, as he is the expert in the field. He specializes in helping people with a natural smile makeover through the "Hales Reel Smile" process. During the in-office consultation, the patient will have the opportunity to get a ‘Smile Test Drive’ by Dr. Hales. With his unique ‘Smile Test Drive,’ Dr. Hales places a removable material over the teeth to show in real-time the potential new smile with veneers. The test drive smile can be worn for a few hours for people to get a true “try before you buy” experience, giving people the assurance and confidence to move forward with veneers.

Hales Aesthetic is the exclusive provider of Harmony Veneers, specializes in cosmetic dentistry, and has clients worldwide who see Dr. Hales for veneers and to improve their smiles. He has many clients who are celebrities and public figures as well. His office offers a free virtual smile consultation, where people can upload a smile photo (or a photo of the area of concern) for the dental team to review. Once the picture is received, the dental team will check it and create a personalized video with recommendations for the person. After reviewing the advice, the person can schedule an appointment for care.

Providing a full range of dental services, Hales Aesthetic offers veneers, teeth cleaning and whitening, implants, cosmetic dentistry, same-day crowns, fillings, root canals, laser dentistry, dentures, TMJ treatment, wisdom teeth removal, sedation dentistry, Invisalign, emergency dentistry, bridges, and more. To get more information or submit a photo for a free virtual smile consultation, visit the site at:


Photo courtesy of Hales Aesthetic

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