This Female Founder Is Introducing African Skincare to the Global Woman

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Meet Yasmin Zachary, the founder and CEO of Uzari Skincare, an African Inspired Skincare brand for the “Global Woman.”

Uzari Skincare was nurtured by the deep-rooted skincare traditions of Nigeria and Ghana. These ancestral lands, rich in age-old beauty and wisdom, laid the groundwork for Yasmin’s passion for creating gentle body-care solutions inclusive of special mesh and an African black soap body wash made with plant-based ingredients. 

Navigating a bustling professional life, Yasmin journeyed across six continents, exposing her skin to diverse climates. Yet, she remained anchored by the African skincare rituals she grew up with. The daily gentle exfoliation, the pure ingredients that rejuvenated her skin, became more than just routines—they became her sanctuary. In her quest to understand the potency of these rituals from her West African roots, Yasmin found a truth that was beautifully simple: they were effective.

Uzari Skincare is a tribute to Yasmin’s odyssey - a blend of tradition, self-love, and the gift of radiant skin.

It was my pleasure to check in with Yasmin, founder of Uzari, to chat about her inspiration behind the brand and why she is so passionate about bringing African skincare to the “Global Woman.” 


Who is the “Global Woman?‘’

Yasmin Zachary (YZ): The Global Woman is one who successfully navigates the complexities of modern life while maintaining a strong connection to their cultural heritage and values. She is someone who embraces both her global and local identities, embodying versatility, ambition, and independence.

How does Uzari stand out amongst other African skincare brands on the market?

YZ: Uzari distinguishes itself by honoring African traditions through clean, sustainable beauty products. We blend traditional African skincare recipes with modern sustainability practices, providing users with a unique combination of heritage and innovation.

Why is sustainability important to you and how does Uzari practice sustainability?

YZ: Sustainability is vital to Uzari because it minimizes our environmental footprint. We practice sustainability by optimizing product usage through our U-Wash pump, the durability of our U-scrub, using infinitely recyclable materials, and supporting environmental conservation. We also give back to the communities we source ingredients from, promoting social sustainability.

Who is Uzari’s target consumer?

YZ: Uzari's target consumer is the "Global Woman" who harmonizes the demands of modernity with a deep appreciation for her heritage and values. Our products are suitable for individuals from diverse backgrounds and skin types who seek clean, effective, and sustainable skincare solutions.

How can readers benefit from Uzari this winter?

YZ: Uzari offers products that provide gentle exfoliation and deep moisturization for all year round. This is especially beneficial during the winter months when skin tends to become dry and needs extra care. Using Uzari can help maintain healthy, radiant skin throughout the colder season. 

c/o Uzari

What is the process for sourcing ingredients for the U-Wash? 

YZ: We source our main ingredient for U-Wash from West Africa, particularly Ghana. This includes palm leaf ashes, cocoa pods, unrefined shea butter, palm kernel oil, and coconut oil. These natural ingredients are vital to the creation of our plant-based cleanser. 

Can you dive into your partner charity, BIIKA, and how it helps women in Ghana?

YZ: BIIKA is our charitable arm that supports the education of young women in Ghana. We finance college scholarships for these women, enabling them to access higher education and secure better opportunities for their future. A portion of every Uzari purchase goes toward sustaining this effort.

Can we anticipate any new product launches in the next year?

YZ: With Africa's wealth of natural resources and the history of African beauty as a prime example of clean beauty rituals that stand the test of time, we are excitedly looking forward to expanding our product portfolio in the coming year.

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