Through Color and Form, Margaret Zox Brown Celebrates the Nature in Urbanity

Blueberries are Plums by Margaret Zox Brown

A fourth-generation New Yorker and cousin of American artist Larry Zox, it’s no wonder that artist Margaret Zox Brown developed a unique relationship with color and form. Inspired by her roots, Zox Brown’s vision tackles the juxtaposition of concrete and color, darkness and comfort, and the vast spectrum of emotion that inhabits the day-to-day. Her devotion to art and the city has led her to be chosen as a Keynote Speaker for her alma mater, Trinity College as well as commissioned to paint three large paintings for a commercial building’s lobby in New York’s Garment District. She comments, “I am thrilled to be part of the permanent fabric of my great city.”

Ellen's Light and Love

Figures, fruits and flowers are seen most often throughout Zox Brown’s work, exploring organic components and subjects that play a special role in her life or the lives of her city’s inhabitants. “They are what I notice and, often what I see as beautiful. Figures and portraits are truly my passion to portray but they are also all-encompassing, and I am in those paintings so deeply that when I finish with a figure, I then want to do something lighter like flowers or simpler like fruit. I approach them all in the same way; seeking to express the beautiful moments that I have noticed and the emotional connection I feel and want others to be moved by with whatever is standing out to me.” 

If at First You Do Succeed

Zox Brown’s works have certainly garnered the attention of collectors all over the world and are a favorite with many local viewers, fans and establishments. To date, the artist has shown in the U.S., NYC, Philadelphia, Chatham, Cape Cod, Burlington, VT, Water Mill, NY, Summit, NJ as well as London, Portugal, France, Switzerland. In addition, Zox Brown comments, “I have individual collectors and inclusions all over the world, including a painting at Danny Meyer’s restaurant, Maialino in NY’s Gramercy Park Hotel. The Kaufman Organization owns several of my paintings as well.” 

Red Jeans

Incorporating her vast skills for sketching in every form, her oil paintings begin with a pen before she creates ‘a deliberate, abstract patchwork wash of colors for an underpainting.’ “I am aware of my drawing and subsequent painting as I do this so each underpainting is different and just right for the then painting. I then draw with paint on my canvas. I use my initial drawing as my guide. Then I work through my painting, adding color, taking away line over and over until I feel that the painting is exuding that feeling that the initial drawing inspired in me.” 

Solo Strawberry

Whatever her subject matter, Zox Brown always engages the viewer not only through her rich color scheme but through her desire to connect with the world and share the details that make up the vital sentiments and themes she holds as inspiration. With this in mind, deep earth-tones contrasted with royal blues and crimson illustrates Zox Brown’s dreams in color. The artist makes an impact choosing unorthodox hues as representation and composition, in and of themselves, whether soft and subtle or strong and forceful.

Today and Tomorrow, MY version

Next up you can see one of her pieces as part of The East Village Art View, a group exhibition in Manhattan running through the month of May. Later in the Fall, she has a SOLO show at the Kaufman Arcade in NYC. And she is always searching for opportunities for more commissions for large public space pieces. You can find more of Margaret Zox Brown at

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