Walk Japan Explores the True Stories Behind FX’s New Hit Show Shogun

Walk Japan

Walk Japan offers fans of FX’s new miniseries Shogun a number of walking trips, where whispers of samurai and shoguns and the rise and fall of empires echo along Japan’s ancient paths. Each of Walk Japan’s itineraries are journeys rich with culture and steeped in history, some of which are represented in Shogun.

Based on the 1975 novel, Shogun is a fictionalized recounting of feudal Japan during the 17th century. The story centers around Lord Yoshii Toranaga, a daimyo (feudal lord) fighting for survival, and John Blackthorne, a shipwrecked English sailor. While these characters are fictional, they are based on very real figures: Tokugawa Ieyasu and William Adams, and their remarkable partnership.

Fans of the new show have the opportunity to explore the feudal history of Japan and the trails of the Shoguns on a number of Walk Japan’s tours including:

• Tokyo Tour: One of Walk Japan’s shortest tours, travelers gather in Nihonbashi, Tokyo’s original downtown area to begin this two-day tour. Once the center of Japan during the Edo period, this is where Adams owned his townhouse. Guests will uncover the history of the Edo period under Tokugawa’s shogunate and visit Edo-jo, the shogun’s castle).

• Tokaido Trail: A seven-day, six-night leisurely walking tour exploring Japan’s ancient highway, guests follow in the footsteps of Adams, who traversed through the heartland on this trail to visit Tokugawa Ieyasu in Shizuoka. The Wayfarer version of this tour is a six-day, five-night itinerary meant for solo travelers.

• Nakasendo Way: Walk Japan’s pioneering walking tour, the 11-day, 10-night Nakasendo Way takes guests to Sekigahara, where they spend a night in Japanese-style lodging. Sekigahara is the site of one of the most important battles of Japanese feudal history, which heralded the start of the Edo period dominated by the Tokugawa family. 

Walk Japan’s knowledge of these historical figures is exceptional, and even goes as far as Paul Christie, CEO of Walk Japan, being the president of the Williams Adams Club. WAC’s Vice President, Yasuhisa Tokugawa, is a descendent of the renowned daimyo, Tokugawa Ieyasu.

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