Writer Lisa Harrison Jackson Uncovers Surprising Ways To Find Your Purpose in Her New Book, Gifted

Lisa Harrison Jackson grew up in a large family with 11 children. Nevertheless, she managed to find her own voice by writing short stories. As an adult, Lisa is now a published author, playwright, and rising tv writer/producer. Gifted, her most recent book helps individuals, with talents of all kinds, uncover their purpose and find the necessary support needed to encourage them along the way. Much of her writing is inspired by her own life experiences, from growing up with a loving and supportive family, to the pressures and disappointments that can arise from pursuing a dream. Lisa tells JustLuxe more about her inspirations and what you can find her working on next.

 How did you begin writing?

I was always an avid reader, so transitioning into writing was pretty easy for me. I'd like to say that my writing career began at the tender age of 9 when my class was given a creative writing assignment. The assignment called for us to write a story, illustrate it and bind it in a heavy wallpaper cover. I fell in love with the process and began writing more short stories thereafter.

Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to writing?

Because I am a woman of faith, my creativity comes from The Creator, but I also find inspiration in the vibrant and colorful lives of the people around me--my family, friends, even strangers in some cases. I am also passionate about seeing the underdog face challenges and win, so whenever I find a compelling scenario, I tap into the psychology and flesh the story out to touch the heart of my readers. 

Your new book is called Gifted, but you’ve written books before. Tell me a bit about your other works.

I have three other titles, Finally, You and Me, Can't Stop Loving You, both Harlequin Kimani Press imprints and a self-published title, The Missing Part of Me. The first two titles are romance novels featuring strong, professional women who, in the midst of building their careers, find love and how they work through the challenges to nurture that love and find another stage of happiness and fulfillment. The Missing Part of Me was an attempt at giving a voice to the fatherless children and abandoned partners left behind by men in soured relationships. Rather than be muted about their feelings of abandonment and rejection, I wanted these women and their children to feel less like victims and more like victors while at the same time gain an understanding of what caused the breakdown from the man’s point-of-view. Afterward, I modeled what healthy father-child reconciliation can look like when all parties are on the same page. 

You’ve also written, produced and directed plays.  How did you start working in the theatre?

I embarked upon theatre when I gifted a copy of my first book to my pastors. They were so excited, that they asked me to adapt it into a stage play. I had never done stage before. My major in college was Communications. However, I knew that I was a good student, and a fast learner, so I engulfed myself in everything theatre, including writing and formatting scripts, developing stories, directing actors and running a full production front of house to the backstage. It was a lot, but it paid off because I was able to produce 11 original works. 

 How do you describe Gifted?

Gifted is a book that was birthed out of my own feelings of frustration when I felt alone during my creation process. The workload, writer’s block, deadlines, etc. can be daunting. There were times when I wanted a cheerleader; someone to say everything would be alright, and that what I was doing was important and necessary. I quickly realized that not everyone naturally falls into that supportive role. Gifted is a book designed to encourage those with a gift to press forward in their dream and provides tools on how to accomplish that while at the same time, giving instructions to their supporters on how they can be the best in their roles as well. 

What lessons would you like readers to take away from the book?

The lessons I would want readers to take away from Gifted is that possessing a gift, such as drawing, dancing, writing, sports, public speaking, life coaching etc. is something special and should be cherished, not treated casually. I’d like them to understand that gifts outweigh talents. Talents are natural abilities that serve the individual. Gifts are natural abilities, but they are used to bless the world.

How necessary is it for gifted people to have support, or "gatekeepers"?

Gatekeepers are necessary as they keep the gifted individuals balanced. They remind them of their purpose, encourage them to perfect their gifts through exercise and practice, and keep their environment healthy so that they can thrive in their calling.

How has your past impacted your book?

I lost both of my gatekeepers in 2017. My parents had 11 children and had been married for 54 years. They had always supported my writing by instilling in me the importance of being who God created me to be. I actually began writing the book a few years before their passing. When I finally completed it, I knew the timing was right as I was paying homage to the greatest couple, gatekeepers, and parents that I had ever known. 

If someone is unsure, how can they best discover what their gift is?

I tell individuals to ask themselves a few questions. What is that one thing that makes you happy regardless if it comes with a paycheck, or not? What gives you energy like no other? Finally, what is the skill that comes easy, and brings joy to others around you? That might be your gift. Once you’ve discovered it, work on perfecting it by studying to show yourself approved. Next, protect it by surrounding yourself with good people who love you, and who are excited about your purpose. 

 Are you currently working on other projects?

Yes, I am busy developing several projects. I am currently working on book two in the Gifted series, tentatively titled, Real Joy. I’m also shopping a family television series called Managing The Malcolms about a family trying to get their big break in the music business. In addition, I am producing a stage production titled Vengeance about abuse and the violence that results from it.

Lisa Harrison Jackson is a successful author, mother, wife, and sincerely an inspiration. After reading Gifted, you will feel empowered to seek out your true calling. It also provides instructions on how to support and protect the gifted people in your life, whether they be family members or friends. For more information about Gifted and to stay up to date with Lisa’s current projects, visit her website at


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