Interview With Camille Grammer on Her New AMOREphosis Jewelry Line

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Camille Grammer is no stranger to the spotlight. Known for her pivotal role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the blonde beauty is living proof that it is possible to rise above the flames and stay true to you. It seems fitting then, that the reality star would launch a new jewelry line � one that uniquely empowers women from the inside out � and, best of all, gives back to charity.

We caught up with the real housewife and learned a bit more about her stylish aspirations and the launch of AMOREphosis, an affordable collection of jewels co-founded with friends Nina Segal, Tricia Small Stabile and Julie Martin.

JustLuxe: This is a very exciting time for you to branch out and do something creative and fun with your friends. How did the idea come together?

Camille Grammer: I used to make my own necklaces and give them away during the holidays. It was just a simple hobby of mine. My friends and I started talking about stones and then really started to understand the energy that certain stones represent and what they could do for us, and for others. That�s kind of how it all started. I have a real passion for stones now, and in a way, they have helped me so much during this journey. We�re obsessed with designing inspiring pieces and it was very organic how AMOREphosis all came together.�



JL: Did you always have such stylish aspirations?

CG: Yes, I always wanted to go to FIT in New York City, and I was an art major in college. But then I got married and took another direction, and well, here I am. It�s a passion for me, so it was bound to happen, I just never knew when. I love fashion and working with my friends is so much fun.

JL: Not only are the pieces beautiful, but the collection is quite affordable. Why did you choose to go that route?

CG: Yes, it is! We wanted it to be accessible. I think so many people associate me with jewels that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars because of my involvement on the show; but I wanted to make something that everyone could afford. It was really important to me. There�s also a charitable tie-in that benefits both Blessings in a Backpack and the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund. We wanted to do something for children. They�re both charities that touch our hearts, we�re really happy to combine our creations with these causes.





JL: That�s so nice to hear. As a woman who has so much on her plate, how do you manage to stay strong, stylish and inspiring to the public?

CG: Thank you very much for those compliments. I�ll take them! I do have a lot going on in my life and it gives me purpose. I think about my children and they give me strength and I love them so much. All of this stuff is an inspiration for me and for other women who has gone through tough times. Everyone I work with is strong and very smart; I respect them all so much.

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