Love At First Sight: Why We Adore Under Armour's New Alloy Satin Gold Sunglasses

Under Armour Sunglasses Alloy Satin Gold

Photos Courtesy of Under Armour

When I first received a pair of Under Armour Alloy sunglasses for review, it was surprising to find that the brand offers such a casual line of eyewear. Under Armour is well known as a fitness apparel company that pretty much perfected the ideas behind moisture-wicking fabrics with exceptional flexibility; but what I didn't know about them is that they also produce a collection of sunglasses, which, even more surprisingly, has some very cool casual specs in the lineup.

As the current top-of-the-line casual eyewear from Under Armour, the UA Alloy Satin Gold sungalsses are as functional as they are stylish. Upon opening the package, I immediately noted the stability of the frames and the stunning reflectivity of the lenses. The hinges are firm when opening and closing, and the solid aviator style is perfectly suitable for both casual and professional wear.

Under Armour Sunglasses Alloy Satin Gold

I personally have some light sensitivity issues that are heightened by acute astigmatism, which means I have to wear prescription eyeglasses most of the time or risk light-triggered migraines. This is especially true when driving during daylight hours and dealing with the sun's multiplicative reproduction off the sea of cars ahead of me. The UA Alloy Satin Gold sunglasses have completely eliminated this issue for me, which is likely from a combination of the light-brown color and polarization of the lenses.

Similarly, I've had issues with other sunglasses in the past where light would bounce from either the side or behind me and off the inside of a lens, causing visual discomfort. But the relatively flush design of the UA Alloys combined with excellent peripheral coverage has removed that facet of wearing sunglasses. As I live in San Diego where it's constantly sunny, addressing that reflection is a key feature.

The aforementioned stability and hinge strength make wearing the UA Alloys complication free. The inside of the temples, temple tips and nose pads are all rubberized, which has meant very little (if any) adjustment has been necessary to keep the frames positioned to my liking. Maintaining Under Armour's moisture-wicking idealism, the rubber has numerous perforations that minimize rubber-to-skin contact surface area and keep the wearer from sweating even after having worn them in the sun for hours on end. However, the fairly straight design of the temple and temple tips sometimes leave an uncomfortable feeling that the sunglasses might fall off at any moment. While this concern has proven to be superficial due to the excellent friction of the rubber and the strength of the hinges, the phantom worry could be a problem for some users.

Under Armour Sunglasses Alloy Satin Gold

As aviators, I can't help but feel a level of Tom-Cruise-from-Top-Gun coolness when strolling down a palm-tree-lined avenue. However, they are just aviators, in essence. Still, the satin gold model of the UA Alloys have a pristine reflective surface—with a tiny "UNDER ARMOUR" printed along the top ridge of the left lens, which is effectively invisible to the wearer—that demands attention without looking classless or overly flashy.

It should be pretty easy to tell that I would highly recommend these UA Alloy Satin Gold sunglasses. As a fashion-conscious professional, these have become my go-to shades for combating the bright Southern California sun. At $199 and available through most of your favorite online retailers, these UA Alloys are a killer pair for daily wear.

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