The Oakley x Ferrari Scuderia Collection Gives Sunglasses a Need for Speed

Oakley x Ferrari

Photos Courtesy of Oakley x Ferrari

Sure, you could get any old pair of sunglasses for the summer—a pair of luxe Oliver Peoples, maybe some limited-edition Persols—or you could get a pair from Oakley and Ferrari’s new collection. With Oakley Motorsports and Scuderia Ferrari joining forces at the end of last year, you could say this was perfect timing—something the racing team is quite good at. In a collaboration meant to mirror each other’s dedication to “performance and perfection,” Oakley and Ferrari have teamed up to create the Scuderia Ferrari Collection, a line of polarized sunglasses for those that are passionate about power, innovation, but most importantly—speed. Let’s just say if you drive under the speed limit, these are totally not for you.

“The biggest inspiration behind the Scuderia Ferrari Carbon Blade can be seen in the materials used to create it,” said Ryan Calilung, Oakley’s Design Engineer. “Carbon fiber is central to the engineering process at Scuderia Ferrari, and we wanted to reflect that passion for excellence and cutting edge innovation in the Carbon Blade. Carbon fiber has been used before in eyewear, but never in this way. Rather than shaping pieces from flat rigid plates, we molded the carbon layers into a flexible frame structure, creating a highly engineered solution.” {start-jlvideo}1726,640,361,thumb{end-jlvideo}

Oakley x Ferrari

From the eight piece, limited edition collection, our favorite is easily the Carbon Blade. Meant to be the pièce de résistance of the line, these sunglasses come with ruby-tinted lenses that get our blood pumping as hard as those iconic, cherry-red racing cars. Some renditions are accented with the Scuderia Ferrari emblem while all feature laser-cut logos in the lower corner of the lens. They each come in their own package and custom case to make for perfect collectables. 

Oakley x Ferrari

“When we sign an agreement with a new partner, we look for leaders in their industry who share our vision and values,” said Andrea Perrone, Ferrari Brand CEO. “Innovation, passion and commitment to results underpin everything Scuderia Ferrari does. Oakley represents all those things in the eyewear field and is a company that makes innovation a driver for its success. We are very proud and excited at Ferrari for this partnership, both for us as a brand and for all the Scuderia Ferrari fans around the world.”

The Oakley x Ferrari Scuderia Ferrari Collection is available at Oakley and priced from $160-$450.

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