Citizen Looks to Space With Starry Dialed Attesa

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Citizen’s latest Attesa GPS watch highlights the watchmaker’s galactic inspiration with a full dose of Satellite Wave technology and a space-blue bezel and central bracelet links.

While Citizen is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Attesa collection with this debut, the watchmaker makes no secret that its designers gazed into space as they designed the new watch. Most directly, the watch’s eye-catching, star-flecked dial anticipates Citizen’s collaboration with the Hakuto-R lunar exploration program.

The Citizen Attesa 35th Anniversary watch.

Citizen, which provided the Hakuto-R exploration program with Super Titanium components to be used in the legs of the Series 1 Lander, applies the same coating on this model and on many of its higher-end models (including a few in the hot-selling Hakuto-R series.)

Super Titanium is Citizen’s proprietary alloy that creates a lightweight, anti-allergenic, scratch-resistant, and a rust-resistant case for the 44mm watch. Citizen applies its other high-tech coating, Duratect DLC, along the bracelet and on the bezel.

You’ll find the DLC blue coating decorating and protecting the bracelet along the center links of the titanium bracelet, between the glossy black Duratect DLC coating. A well-made fold-over clasp with a button secures the bracelet.

Within all this high-tech material Citizen places its groundbreaking F950 movement to power the light-driven Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS functions. The watch is capable of receiving time signals in as little as three seconds, with the hour and minute hands moving twice as fast as previous models.

Of course, as a full-fledged GPS model, the watch hosts a deep set of advanced features, including world time in 27 cities (40 time zones), a chronograph, dual time zones, (UTC) universal coordinated time display, a perpetual calendar, as well as daylight savings time, and power reserve and light level indicators.

On the back of the watch, Citizen commemorates the 35th anniversary of the Citizen Attesa collection.

Price: $3,550. 

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