Siempre Tequila Co-Founder Takes The Road Less Traveled to Find Success

Siempre Tequila

They risked it all and it was worth it - meet Siempre Tequila. Founded by three friends who decided to show the world that nothing is impossible.

Alex Lacroix never intended to be a Tequila maker, let alone have his own Tequila brand, but when people are put in extreme do-or-die (literally) circumstances we are capable of almost anything.  

Ten years ago Lacroix was on bail for felony charges for possession of a firearm and his life seemed to be on track for nothing more than a jail cell, or even death. At that time, Lacroix’s best friend had been murdered, other friends were headed to prison and his daughter was only 9-months-old…he knew something had to change.

Lacroix was let out on bail and he immediately got a job as a cable guy and worked to put himself through college while waiting to be put on trial. Throughout college Lacroix won student awards, worked as a teacher’s assistant and still managed to visit his daughter every weekend. His case went to trial and he ended up with one year on house arrest.

Siempre Tequila

Lacroix, his childhood best friend Chris Matte and life partner Monica Sanita were all tequila drinkers, even more so Sanita. Her grandmother and great-grandmother had made mezcal and her family liked to sip tequila after every meal. While having dinner in Sanita’s family home in Toronto, they discussed getting into the tequila business, but not sure how to do so. That was back in 2014 and after tasting dozens of brands, they decided they couldn’t find a brand that they’d want to put their names to and decided to make the tequila themselves.

Visiting endless amounts of distilleries and tasting god knows how many different tequilas, Lacroix, Sanita and Matte finally developed Siempre Tequila in 2015

Siempre Tequila

Today, Siempre is sold in 17 states, doubled its volume in 2020, expanded its offerings with Anjeo and Reposado, raised $1.8M in the last 3 months and increased sales by 164% in 2020 all while having to pivot the business during the greatest pandemic the world has ever seen. They also like to laugh about the fact that Siempre is the 2nd best-selling tequila to The Rocks’ Teremana tequila brand at ABC Fine Wine and Spirits, the largest retailer in Florida.

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