Venture Into Destination Dining With These Upscale Restaurants Around The World

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Forget predictable bistros and boring menus. Adventure dining whisks you across continents, tantalizing your taste buds with the unexpected. These are more than meals, they're journeys for the senses, etching memories as vibrant as the spices on your tongue. So, pack your adventurous spirit and empty stomach, for the world's a delectable smorgasbord waiting to be devoured.

With end-of-the-year festivities with their cozy familiarity and traditional flavors nearly behind us, it’s time to start planning culinary adventures that push the boundaries, challenge the palate and show the side of the destination that locals guard close to their hearts. Below is a list of five extraordinary dining experiences around the world that are worth traveling for.

Photo by St. Regis Venice

Secret Garden at Gio’s, St. Regis Venice

While the grand Venetian palaces that house St. Regis Venice basks in the sunlight in full view of the passing gondolas, the “giardino segreto” (secret garden) nestled within the hotel’s Gio’s restaurant remains the hotel’s best-kept secret. Patrons come for the unparalleled views of Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute and San Giorgio Maggiore, and return for botanical cocktails inspired by Italian classics, and thoughtfully reimagined Venetian dishes. The menu is curated by long-time Venice resident and fine-dining expert Chef Giuseppe Ricci, who ensures that the hotel’s culinary proposition retains its cutting edge, while celebrating the timeless beauty of the Grand Canal.

Photo by Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

Private Dining, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji

Starlit romance meets Fijian culture at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, as guests arrive for the signature private dining experience on the deck. With a table for two set on a pier overlooking the stunning Savusavu Bay, couples are served a bespoke menu of Fijian dishes influenced by the Asian heritage and extensive travels of Executive Chef, Raymond Lee. Together with a team of Fijian chefs, he starts the day sourcing fresh, seasonal ingredients that are spun into delightful creations that showcase the fusion of flavors and textures that make Fijian cuisine unique.

Photo by The Gad Lanna

 The Gad Lanna, InterContinental Chiang Mai The Mae Ping

The epicenter of Thailand’s northern food renaissance, Chiang Mai has recently welcomed The Gad Lanna, a richly textured restaurant where cultural references meet organic produce from the local farms operating under the patronage of the Royal Project Foundation. The all-day dining venue at InterContinental Chiang Mai The Mae Ping embraces the vibrant essence of a gad, or local market, to introduce travelers to authentic Northern dishes that borrow heavily from the neighboring countries such as Myanmar, Laos, and China, and are characterized by salty and sour flavors, as well as the use of fresh herbs, spices, and fermented ingredients.

Photo by The Pantry

The Pantry and The Secret Pantry, Hotel Arts Barcelona

Hidden in plain sight on the ground floor of Hotel Art Barcelona is The Pantry, a gourmet boutique stocked with more than 80 wine labels sourced from all over the region, and a handpicked selection of deli products. The venue shares space with The Secret Pantry – a buzzy speakeasy serving straightforward, earthy fare paired with robust wine and live music in a relaxed, lively atmosphere. From stocking up on curated products that define the enviably balanced Mediterranean lifestyle to joining the locals on a night out, both venues are a must-visit for anyone hoping to figure out what makes Barcelona tick.

Photo by Calum Lewis

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