Eclipz: Revolutionizing Home Entertainment

Luxury Electronics: Eclipz is the latest luxurious technology innovation from Artopz, "Technology in Design." A virtually complete home entertainment solution, the pods are much more functional that what meets the eye...and they are already a sight for sore eyes.

Artopz seamlessly blends technology with design, integrating the latest in media and entertainment with luxury home décor. Born of computer users, Artopz seeks to integrate form and function as completely as possible, bringing Eclipz, the first product in its home entertainment center line, to the luxury market. The Eclipz is capable of full High Definition playback and integrates the same attributes as a Windows Media Center. Wired or wireless Internet can be set up, and each pod's lighting can be adjusted for a variety of uses, whether it be mood lighting or a soft pulse informing you of an incoming Skype call.

The Eclipz collection is the perfect addition to any luxury home media center. To avoid the boxy and generic look of many home media centers, the Eclipz can be a wall-mounted solution or placed on stands that are as equally chic as the pods.

The Eclipz is handmade by a small team of engineers and craftsmen and offers an array of design options to integrate into any luxury home space. Each piece is made to be unique and fulfill personal tastes from any region.

Eclipz, well, eclipses all other design elements, with its free form look and technological capabilities. Customization options include it's interactive accent lighting, multiple pod opening options, and a variety of shell finishes. Platez create an especially unique look integrating multiple pods into a cohesive unit.

Each element necessary for the Eclipz is disguised as a design element, from the remote control base to the audio system and cable or satellite box. Using a different design and mounting approach for each space, the Eclipz offers a wide range of customization options, making it uniquely fit into any home. Each Eclipz is available in different materials, colors and options to help it merge seamlessly with its surroundings.

Retail for the luxury innovation begins around $18k.

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